Catelynn Lowell before and after weight loss photos

'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell before and after weight loss photo

Catelynn Lowell has been losing weight like crazy since joining Weight Watchers nearly two years ago to help her get into shape before walking down the aisle with her longtime love Tyler Baltierra. While Catelynn hasn’t revealed exactly how much she currently weighs, she’s looking great and Tyler couldn’t be any more impressed.

“1 word…AMAZING! #soproudofher,” Tyler wrote of his fiance on Instagram along with the photo you see above. And he’s right. Catelynn has really transformed herself into a new woman. As of last summer, she had lost 22 pounds but revealed that she still had a ways to go before reaching her goal weight of 124. And from the looks of her recent photos, she may definitely be there.

Catelynn has credited her weight loss to eating management as well as exercise and the support of others — including Tyler.

Also on social media this week, Tyler gushed about Catelynn and the love they have — and she gushed right back. “I fell in love with [Catelynn] the moment I laid eyes on her. From afar, I knew she would be mine…#HonestLove,” he wrote, to which she responded, “Awe baby it’s soo true b/c even since 7th grade I knew I would be with u till I was old and grey! #urperfect.”

“Middle school sweethearts! We beat the odds my dear & I’m so happy that I got to fight this battle next to you,” Tyler went on to say. Then, Catelynn wrote, “u r the BEST man ever hunnie! We did beat the odds & I so look forward 2 years and our future together. We will beat all odds.”

And if that isn’t enough love for ya, Tyler had even more praises for his love when he explained what Catelynn means to him. “My Angel, My Beauty to my Beast, My RedHot to my Hash Browns, My Catwoman to my Batman, My Cream to My Coffee!”

It’s hard to believe that any two people can be this infatuated with each other after so many years — and four seasons of reality TV. Just like they said, they truly beat the odds.

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  • Booger

    Absolutely love them! They are great role models, who truly have beat the odds. They made good choices in lousy situations, stay out of trouble, and away from gossip. In my opinion I think they are the only positive influence that came off this show!

  • sammi

    She looks good with the weight loss, now all she has to do is get rid of that fugly hair color and cut. She looks like a chucky doll.

    • bri


    • Lia


    • Ally

      Actually it looks like she is starting to grow it out in the new pictures of her. Lets hope so! But yes she is a good role model.

    • justme

      Yes, that hair cut she seems to keep getting. YUCK! Then she does that weird color…blah…Thank goodness it looks like she is letting it grow out…hopefully she keeps letting it grow.

  • bri

    Wow! She looks amazing (:

  • Jenn

    Glad she was able to shedd the pounds, but can she now please work on her horrible style. The hair and clothes are just a hot ass mess.

  • Mindy King-Rodgers

    She looks fabulous

  • Kelly

    She looks awesome, good for her!

  • amy

    She looks great so congrats on dropping the extra weight. I’ve always thought of her as being so cute but her hair has always been a Kate Gosselin mess to me.

  • jeff

    Good job! She’s been the most sucessful Teen Mom we’ve had. Surprise surprise it’s the Mom who gave the baby up for adoption.

    • Jenn

      I wouldn’t say they are the most successful. Tyler gave up school to go be an “actor” right after the show finished. To me they put on a show for cameras to be these role models but as soon as taping was over they did what they wanted to do all along. MTV painted a picture for the world to see that I just don’t believe is reality.

      • anjealka

        I wish someone would have helped them with how to reach their goals especially Catelynn. They picked the local for profit college which had easy admission requirments which was not going to get them the career they wanted..just big debt or watse of mtv money. I wish DR Drew or Dawn the adoption counseler could have explained what Catelynn needed to study and the state liscencing process. two kids that struggled for many reasons to finish high school could not jump right into a competetive 4 year program at a university & for profit college was just going to get them no where.

        • who knows

          I think they had some sort of fund people donated to for them to finish college. Correct me if I’m wrong though..

      • Burkey

        They may not be the most successful but I think they have got their heads screwed on far more than any of the other kids on these shows. I think it may take them a little longer to get to where they want to be given their home, money and family circumstances but I do think they will get there. I just think they show alot of maturity. They’ve had to deal with two parents who are basically children and it seems Catelynn almost raised her little brother due to her mother’s addiction issues. Plus the fact that they made that tough decision to give up their child because they knew what type of life she wouldn’t be able to have with them, rather than just being selfish and keeping her shows more logic and strength than alot of teenagers I’ve ever known. They are not constantly trying to gain attention with internet drama and crazy antics. They also are the only couple who actually seems to be in love and don’t have break ups and make ups every few months, don’t abuse or talk down to each other or any of that and yet they are the only couple who hasn’t rushed into getting married ASAP. I definitely like these two way more than most of the rest and I absolutely respect them more.

        • jeff

          I agree completely. I’m surprised and proud of them with how much they’ve been able to rise above their circumstances. Given their situations and their crappy parents (or adult children) they’re doing amazing.

          Chelsea is extremely privledged and she’s a moron who continues to make horrible decisions (same with farah for that matter) and here are these two people who were born to crappy lives and crappy parents and a lot of bad influences and they’ve turned out to be responsible, level headed and bright.

  • ff

    Catelynn looks GREAT! :-)

  • justme

    She looks amazing. Totally agree with some that mentioned her hair cut…she REALLY needs to stop cutting her hair it does NOT look good on her. She looks much better with longer hair. She is a cute girl but when she cuts her hair liked she has…yuck. Not attractive.

    If she did the weight loss by Weight Watchers and since she is such a well know figure, esp by the younger generation…seems like Weight Watchers might consider having her as a spokes person. She might encourage not only people around her age but also people of all ages.

    Again…she looks wonderful. Great job Catelynn. You look beautiful.

  • tab

    good for her! she looks so great.
    they are such an inspiration!

  • J

    Her outfit looks like something that waitstaff at a cheesy restaurant would wear. I never liked them because they don’t seem to have much depth. They talk like therapists and hang on to every word that creepy adoption lady says. But when Catelynn admitted that the true reason she chose adoption was because Tyler would leave her, I disliked her even more. She needs more help than her small town therapists can give her. She is young and stuck on a high school relationship with her stepbrother. So clingy and terrified of change. I think the best thing for her to do would go off to college by herself and lead a normal life. Tyler needs to come out of the closet.

  • siriusthecat

    Considering the white trash that raised them, they are amazing kids. They would be on food stamps in a trailer park with three kids by now if followed the examples set by there parents. Hell, Tyler would be on parole. I have never gotten a creepy Christian vibe from them. Catelyn like most of the teen moms promoted mirena, the 5 year IUD birth control device. Crazy Christians call that an abortifact.