Jessica Simpson tweets bare baby bump bikini photo

Jessica Simpson pregnant wearing a bikini

The usually coy-while-pregnant Jessica Simpson has been anything but the last week or so! Just three days after tweeting a racy, revealing bikini and cover-up photo on Thursday (included below), Jessica took to Twitter once again, this time baring her baby bump while wearing a colorful bikini in a cell phone self portrait (or as we like to call it, a “cellph portrait”). The proud mom-to-be wrote confidently, “Bumpin’ and Proud!”

And just in case, for whatever reason, you are unable to click the photo above for a larger version, here it is zoomed in:

Pregnant Jessica Simpson bikini photo from Twitter

It was first speculated that the 32-year-old actress, singer, and fashion industry mogul was pregnant for a second time back in late November. Jessica later confirmed she and husband Eric Johnson had another bun in the oven by tweeting an adorable photo of her daughter Maxwell on the beach behind the words “BIG SIS” written in the sand.

News of Jessica’s second pregnancy led to speculation that she might lose her deal with Weight Watchers. That speculation proved to be wrong as Weight Watchers issued an official statement last week in addition to releasing a new commercial with Jessica featured. The weight loss company announced Jessica will not be participating in their program while pregnant, but will resume again after giving birth when she and her doctor decide it is time to do so.

As I mentioned above, the bikini photo at the top of this post isn’t the first racy photo of herself shared by the expecting Jessica Simpson — she tweeted this next photo on Thursday along with the caption, “Fun in the sun…”

JEssica Simpson pregnant again bikini photo from Twitter

I don’t see a lot of sun there, but Jessica Simpson is certainly the epitome of fun!

Congratulations again to Jessica and Eric on their second pregnancy! I’ve always been a big fan of Jessica’s mainly because she has never come across as anything but a real sweetheart. I’m glad to see she seems as self-confident as she should be!

  • ashley

    She looks great!

  • michele

    She does look good. I don’t see why people give her so much crap over her weight. She looks better pregnant than a lot do without a baby growing inside of them!

  • Absolutely beautiful Jess.

  • Lol i had to look twice to see this was Jess it does not look like her but it is really her and she look beautiful

  • Charla

    Are her kids even going to be a year a part?

  • Dee

    Looks like she is further than people think. Her kids are going to be close like Tori Spelling’s. I hope her pregnancy goes better than Tori’s last one.

    • Jenn

      Yeah she looks pretty far along to be showing that much. I mean I know she wasn’t super skinny before she got pregnant, but I didn’t expect her bump to be that big this early on.

  • Ashley

    How far along is she?! She already looks huge.

  • meg86

    She looks gorgeous! Happy for her