PHOTOS VIDEO Beyonce buys Jay-Z a 5 million dollar Hublot “Big Bang” watch for his birthday

Jay-Z and Beyonce on the red carpet

It was announced yesterday that Beyonce has signed a multi-year, $50 million deal with Pepsi and now we know why – so she could pay for Jay-Z’s birthday present! The 31-year-old singer treated her husband to a $5 million Hublot “Big Bang” watch for his 43rd birthday, which I’m hoping will inspire him to record a new song titled “Single Ballers” in which the chorus goes “If you liked it then you shoulda put a watch on it.”

5 million dollar watch Beyonce reportedly gave Jay-Z for his 43rd birthday

A “man in the know” tells The Daily Star, “Jay Z is a huge watch collector and was very excited when he was given the gift. He can’t wait to start flashing it around. It is absolutely stunning. In Beyoncé’s defence, what do you buy the man who already has everything?”

So how confident was Beyonce in her gift selection? “She knew he would love the Hublot Big Bang watch. It’s the ultimate timepiece, a mixture of extravagance, luxury and bling.”

Hublot Big Bang watch allegedly given to Jay-Z by Beyonce for his birthday

The super couple have a history of extravagant gift giving, which is an option when you’re combined wealth is larger than most countries. “Beyoncé will always buy Jay the best gifts money can buy. Money is no object to her.”

Here is a video clip of the $5 million “Big Bang” watch in which you can see it from every direction. After that is the official press release from Hublot with details about the piece:

A world first, a unique piece, an exceptional and incredibly rare feat. And a completely different approach was used for its creation. Unlike an Haute Joaillerie piece, where the design and technical construction are created to “emphasise and serve” stones which have already been selected, the opposite approach was adopted. The diamond cutters started with a design and then found the diamonds whxich best matched the complex construction of the case, dial and bracelet. Cutters and setters then employed all of their expertise to resize them to ensure a perfect fit.

First challenge: to develop the design of the Big Bang, whilst retaining its graphic codes to ensure it cohesively integrates more than 3 carats of diamonds. Once the technical design was finalised, then the diamonds had to be found and combined. It took one year for the largest stones which came from all four corners of the world, and the same for the 1276 others. Every stone was individually selected to ensure that all were of a consistent quality and colour. They then had to be resized, one by one, to make them a perfect fit for the watch. A renowned “master cutter” from New York with over 40 years’ experience was responsible for single-handedly cutting the largest GIA-certified stones to ensure they all had the same cut “signature”.


It was a lengthy process to complete: 14 months of work for all the different disciplines combined, including 7 months’ work for 12 cutters, and the same for the 5 setters, with all the major specialists working on the piece full-time. A total of 1282 diamonds, more than 100 carats of baguette diamonds, a dazzling expression of the work of the best craftsmen in their field.

This watch can be considered as a veritable collection of diamonds. A collection of tableaux. Each was individually chosen in relation to the others to create a harmonious whole.

This is the most precious watch ever created by Hublot and its long-standing partner, Atelier Bunter in Geneva. The diamonds selected by Hublot are all of the highest quality, graded A VVS in clarity and Top Wesselton in colour.


A total of 1282 diamonds
More than 100 carats of baguette diamonds
6 square emerald cut stones, each weighing more than 3 carats

Case: 44 mm in diameter – 18K white gold set with 302 baguette diamonds, totalling 27 carats

Crystal: Sapphire with interior and exterior anti-reflective coating, plus metallised Hublot logo

Case-back: Enclosed, made from 18K white gold with engraved Hublot seal

Crown: 18K white gold set with 12 baguette diamonds totalling 0.67 carats, and a rose-cut diamond of 1.06 carats

Dial: 18K white gold, 150 Palladium, set with 179 baguette diamonds totalling 8.75 carats

Hands: Faceted and diamond-polished rhodium-plated skeleton hands

Movement: HUB 1100 Self-winding mechanical movement – Frequency: 28,800 Vib/h (4 Hz)

Diameter: 11 1/2 ’’’ (Ø 25.60 mm)

Thickness: 3.60 mm

Components: 63 (Jewels: 25)

Power reserve: Approximately 42 hours

Bracelet: 18 K white gold set with 782 baguette diamonds, totalling 45 carats
6 square emerald cut diamonds, each over 3 carats, totalling more than 18 carats
Clasp 18K white gold deployant buckle


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  • I hate to be “one of those people”, but seriously? That’s just gross. I know, I know, it’s their money, but still. I couldn’t spend that kind of money on something so ridiculous, knowing that I could’ve made a HUGE difference in the lives of MANY with that kind of money. I’m sure these two donate plenty and all that but..just ugh. It’s so tacky, in my humble opinion.

  • ohmygeez

    That watch is hideous. And I can think of 50 million better ways for Pepsi to spend their money.

  • Ashley

    5 million could prob feed Africa for 3-5 years but eff that right?

    • Ronin_84

      Feed AFRICA? lol Africa is a pretty damn big continent, you don’t seem to understand just how many countries and people reside in Africa. That aside, just having the money to be able to do so, does not mean people have the responsibility to do so. If I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t give it to the needy, I would use it myself, because I need it for me. I’m sure people who have money don’t need poor money grubbing jealous people to dictate how they should spend it.

  • Jenny118

    Wow these two are so materialistic. As my family and I sit in a hotel after our only home got destroyed from Hurricane Sandy 🙁

  • Kelly

    Wow! What a fabulous waste of money!

    These 2 make me so sick. I agree with the “tacky” sentiment.

  • micro OP

    Warren Buffet would be ashamed and not let them into his “click”.

  • Angie

    I’m a Beyonce fan but she really pushed it way too far on this. 5 Million dollars for a watch!? she could’ve donated that to the victims of Sandy

  • Jenn

    These two make me sick. They are nothing but materialistic money hungry people. There are so many other things that this money could have gone to but instead they spend it on a tacky watch. They just have this arrogance about them that makes me not even able to stand their music.

  • Emi

    Hmmm…and I thought my bf was crazy when he told me playing around he wanted A Rolex submariner? ($7,???) watch! Geez not even if I had all the money in the world get a watch like that! Just watch Jay-Z wear it once cause he looses a diamond! Remember Beyonce there are kids starving n fighting for ther life! That money will come handy when you keeping wasting in it in non-scence things!

  • sanoga

    HAHAHA! I distinctly recall Jay-Z taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement… wearing T-Shirts and wining about the *greedy, out of touch 1%* haha look in the mirror, hypocrite!!! Jay-Z is the 1%!

  • christee

    Remember that time you bought a 5 million dollar watch?


    Agree with everything, sure it’s their money, but don’t protest like you’re struggling when you can afford a watch that costs more than most houses. Several times over. Good lord. Just good lord.

  • I haven’t been a fan of Beyonce since I heard her security basically blocked off the entire maternity ward, going as far as keeping dads from seeing their newborns…all because she spewed forth life from her holy uterus! However, if that’s how she wants to spend her fortune, then whatever!.. enjoy it. I say shame on Pepsi for the 50 million contract. No celebrity is worth that much money and I think everyone could agree, it would have been nice if they took that 50 mil and donated it to a worthy cause.

  • ladybug

    Disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    • SirDanielIII

      Have you ever purchased something that you didn’t really need and just wanted? The money you spent relative to your income could have been used for something more important. You probably think that it’s not the same, but it is exactly the same. How would you feel about someone telling you how to spend your money and calling you disgusting?

  • frosty dufour

    Are they both out of their damn minds? They seriously need to stop planting stories bragging about how rich they are, it’s beyond tacky

  • Sara

    This really irritates me. But there is nothing we can do. I’m just sick to my stomach when I realize that if I had approximatively 1/350 of what this watch is worth, I’d be debt free… T_T I’m not one to complain, I mean, I still get by, but still, when you think that a little of their money could change so many lives…. I’m not sure if they DO give to charity, but at this moment, I couldn’t care less. They’re seem so materialistic. Just my two cents..

  • torimili

    Ugh, when Charlie Sheen looks like the good guy (donating $75,000 to child cancer patient), you really need to reevaluate your life.

  • suzileeg

    Another reason I won’t purchase Pepsi products. If they want to support hypocrtical people like these 2 go ahead but you won’t get my money. I know it is small in the grand scheme of things but I can control my money at this point until the government gets it’s hands on all of it.

  • andiecohen

    Charlie Sheen just donated money so a little girl could get treatment for cancer, & J got an iced out watch.

  • Big B

    I bet you Bill Gates and Warren Buffet probably wear a timex for their wrist watches.

  • This makes me so sick that I wish that these inhuman people would lose all of their money and be forced to live in a box.

    • SirDanielIII


  • ca

    if they ever go broke i wouldnt even care for those two. sick muthfkas. that bitch beyonce comes out with stupid song about rings on fingers then she marries an ugly ass jay z who tupac stepped on and continues to from his grave

  • la mulata belleza

    please issue is WE dont have the money they have and most of us may never have it. Ridiculous PLEASE….your being foolish. #1 feeding homeless, donating money and saving lives in Africa is what they have done, is doing and will continue to do whether by reason of taxes, guilt, or sincerity in wanting to help this is the FACT of their lives. Now the money they have on that scale is excessive on our scale nevertheless it is no different than a person that works and makes great money and decides to purchase something extravagant on their scale maybe a 15K watch or diamond something or a car but wretched is the person living check to check and decides to purchase a coach bag with the damn C’s all over it to alert others you have a coach bag while rent is due, lights are due, groceries etc….but you take your money and buy it…. which add insult to injury now that is REDICK! So which one are YOU? hopefully the former and not the LATER…. Beyonce & Jay Z spend their money as they wish…..

  • Ronin_84

    So to show him her love, she has to resort to buying him really expensive things to buy love. Can’t show it any other way. That’s pretty pathetic.

  • jeffmagic

    It fails the most basic watch test – does it tell me the time? The hands are the same color as the dial. Tatooing “jackass” on his wrist would be more useful.