Eminem’s daughter wishes Taylor Swift would stop ‘whoring around’

Eminem's daughter Hailie Mathers

The real Slim Shady’s daughter stood up on Twitter and shared her feelings about Taylor Swift’s latest hook up with One Direction’s Harry Styles.

It turns out that Eminem’s daughter’s Haile Mathers is a serious One Directioner (a rabid fan of said boy band) and took the news of Haylor’s budding romance personally. She vented her frustration via Twitter with the following that reflects some of the old man’s tongue lashability skillz:

Way to lose yourself in the moment Hailie. Using Swift’s own words from her latest single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” she then informed Swift that, “I, am never, ever, everrrrr, listening to your music againnnnn Like Ever.

I bet Selena Gomez can appreciate Taylor’s position. I mean it’s got to be hard to be the gal that comes between an army of young girls and their dreamy dream boy.

When Hailie’s tweet started spreading and folks realized she was not afraid to speak out, Mathers was a little overwhelmed by all of the attention and felt some Twitter’s remorse.

It’s nice to see Hailie owning up to her tweets but I have to admit it’s a little unnerving that Ken Kaniff’s offspring loves her some boy bands. That’s the life of a dad and a teenage daughter though.

UPDATE: It appears as if this whole thing might have been a hoax. I based the write-up on some very reliable sites including Gawker and The Huffington Post but there’s a ton of speculation that it was a fake account. I just checked and the account in question is now deleted. Via Huffington:

To be fair, while @hailiejade_x does seem to be the real Hailie Mathers, the teenager has been the victim of Twitter hoaxes in the past.

An imposter named @Angry_Blonde managed to rack-up 20,000 followers last year, but was revealed as a hoax in January, reports Huffington Post U.K.

While Eminem does not make an appearance in the numerous pictures attached to @hailiejade_x, VH1 noted the girl in the photos bears a much stronger resemblance to Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

If I got got – my apologies to Hailie and our readers for getting duped.

Photo: Instagram

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  • Sam

    Bahahahahahahaha! “Only doing it so you can make another record” Bahahahaha! I LOVE this girl. Well said Hailie, well said. Aww I wish she’d stop whoring around too….. and singing…. just saying.

  • beth

    that’s not eminem’s daughter. it’s a fake.

    • Sammy

      Um it’s actually not a fake.

    • kt

      “beth” is right, that’s a fake twitter. check what eminbem’s manager tweeted. (@rosenberg)

      • sammy

        I’m friends with her uncle, it’s NOT a fake twitter. give it up. And now she deactivated it due to everyone making such a big deal out of a stupid tweet. She’s a little girl, leave her alone.

  • Sammy

    It’s not a fake…. dumbass.

    • tiff

      uh yes, it is. i think that eminem’s manager would know if it were really hailie or not. she may be underage, but she’s not a little girl.. she’s almost an adult. she’s just pissed that someone is with harry, whoever she is.

      • Sam

        Who cares if it was or not. Its not like that comment was that heinous of a comment. Maybe it was her and she is doing what A LOT of teenage girls do, or maybe it wasn’t and it was actually Kayne moving in to finish the job. Next tweet will be, but no seriously, everyone knows beyonce should have won that award right?

        • beth

          SHUT UP! you’re probably the girl who made the damn twitter!

          • Sam

            Lol. Nope I’m not. Don’t listen to one direction, not a teenager, AND don’t even have a twitter.

  • tab

    i wouldn’t say t swift is “wh*ring around” but seeing her with a new guy every few minutes is really annoying.

  • andiecohen

    Whoever this girl is, she is right, TSwift gets around!

  • Sweet Venom

    She only said what she said because she is a “serious One Direction fan”, which says to me she is just another loser who is pissed off that she can’t be with her “dream boy”.

    You know, I understand the whole phenomena with boy bands, but I don’t understand how people actually think they have a chance with them and get pissed off when they hook up with someone.

    • Sam

      I only said that because I hate being ear raped by her everytime I turn on the radio. SHE IS SO WHINY! But seriously no it doesn’t make whoever a loser, actually it sounds like that would make her, dare I say it, a teenage girl! Every teen girl has that one celeb guy that they crush on even though they don’t know them. Don’t ridicule, let her be a kid while she can.

      • tiff

        “ear raped”? really -_-
        teenage girls may have that one guy they obsess over, but they don’t actually care all that much who they’re dating. i feel like if you’re a true fan of someone, you’ll be happy for them if that’s who makes them happy.

        • Sam

          Well then Taylor Swift should be well understanding of where she was coming from due to the fact that her entire career is obsessing over guys. Yes. Ear raped. Everytime I hear one of her songs, ear raped. Cant change the station fast enough and just want to be able to forget about it. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER hear that entire song. If your crushin on someone it is perfectly normal to feel jealous. Human nature. If you say that you aren’t jealous when you see your crush with someone, your a liar, straight up. She didn’t even say anything that bad, she was pokin fun. Its not like she just threatened to come to her house and murder her or something. Geez. She’s a kid, let it go!

          • tiff

            stopped reading once you made light of rape tbh.

            • Sam

              Well good for you!

      • Sweet Venom

        My comment wasn’t directed to you unless you’re Eminem’s daughter.

        • Sam

          I know. Makin a joke. People do that sometimes to make light of situations. And I think this whole situtation is a big joke becasue its a teen making a comment on twitter. Happens everyday.

          • Sweet Venom

            That was a joke? lol.

            P.S I don’t think anyone here takes this topic seriously. Or this website for that matter.

  • yougogirl

    I don’t think she needs to apologize. Taylor is with a new guy every week and she was dead on about it being another album in the making. Besides, TS sucks.

  • manbearpig

    lol. Taylor Swift sucks and so does One Direction.

  • Brenda

    sooo…why does everyone still buy her albums if think taylor is “whoring around”, after a while her songs gets old cause she talks about the samething! taylor ya you better start respecting you before you catch up and they call you Kim K. Jr. lol!! :)

    • tiff

      what would be “respecting herself” exactly? just because she’s dated a lot of guys, does not make her on the same level as someone with a sex tape.

  • Sam

    Haha! Aww. I found my new best friend. :)

  • a

    can we all have a quick laugh at her buying that house next to the kennedy compound and then getting dumped? i still like that one.

  • tiff

    that was a year ago, relax.