REPORT Breaking Amish’s Kate Stoltzfus considers spin-off, hates cast mates

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus modeling photo

The second part of TLC’s “Breaking Amish Reunion Special” brought in over 3 million viewers and wrapped up a HUGELY successful first season for the controversial show. So far there has been no word on whether or not there will be a Breaking Amish Season 2, or if what it would look like conceptually if there is, but according to one show insider there’s at least one cast member who is looking to come back to reality TV all on her own!

Aspiring model Katie “Kate” Stoltzfus used her time in New York City to land a professional modeling contract and according to a show insider she’s hopeful her future in the industry will be enough to justify her of spin-off series. The insider tells Us Weekly that Kate’s people are advising her “not to participate in any more [seasons of] Breaking Amish” and instead shoot to land “a spin-off about her modeling career.”

“Her team has their fingers crossed on the spin-off,” the source continues. And what sort of situations would we get to see Kate in if she landed her own show? “Visits to a plastic surgeon, more photo shoots, meeting with designers, a make-over,” explains the source, “the whole shebang!”

Breaking Amish's Katie Stoltzfus considering a spin-off show

In addition to all the financial and publicity benefits of having her own show, there’s also another reason Kate might be motivated to strike out on her own:

“Kate hates her cast mates from Breaking Amish,” the source explains of costars Abe Schmucker, Rebecca Byler, Sabrina High and Jeremiah Raber. “She has no camaraderie with them, she can’t really relate anymore. She has big dreams and they aren’t in line with everyone else.”

As she revealed on the “Reunion Special,” Kate is currently in Florida where she is clearing up all the fallout out from her April DUI arrest. “I’ve gone through court and it’s just the normal DUI process,” she said. At the time she was about eight weeks away from wrapping things up. “I still have two more classes, then I have probation for a couple months, and then I’m done.”

After she finishes up Florida, Kate plans to move back to New York City and start pursuing her modeling career again, as well as the possible new spin-off series I guess.

I’m all for a Breaking Amish Season 2, and there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t be another huge success if handled properly because these five folks are just plain entertaining to watch! In my opinion they should just keep it simple and reunite them all for a month Jersey Shore style. They could either meet back up in New york City, head someplace like Miami or Los Angeles, or perhaps go for some additional culture shock in a foreign city like Paris. And if they do have to split up the cast, perhaps they could take another cue from Jersey Shore and do a Snooki & JWoww-esque Kate & Sabrina. I wouldn’t be nearly as excited about that, but I would still tune in and give it a chance.

As far as a spin-off series featuring just Kate Stoltzfus ? That sounds like a DOA idea to me. I’m a really big BA fan and I have ZERO interest watching just Kate pursuing a modeling career.

What do you think? Would you tune in to a Kate Stoltzfus spin-off show? How about Breaking Amish Season 2?

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  • Kate Rules!

    Kate deserves her own show since she’s the most likable from the cast, but doesn’t need a visit to a platic surgeon since she’s just as beautiful the way she is. Hope she doesn’t get fame into her head.

    Even without the other cast, some of the employees from the modeling agency and photographers have their own quirks and she would definitely have her own circle of friends, acquaintances, and antagonists .

    • octuplet

      Amen. Rebecca = gummy bear!!

  • Heather

    I’d only watch if it were all of them.

  • Brandee

    Kate is the least watchable on the whole show. I could really care less about any scene with her in it. I found her incredibly self centered and vapid.

  • Tom

    Kate really was boring to watch. No real energy, and even though I was hoping she would be entertaining, I mean hell, she is attractive, can be a model, and I was wanting to really get to see some of that. I found myself completely bored watching most of those scenes.
    So, yeah, if there is a spin-off, I would only watch if the others were on it. Sounds like they wouldn’t be, so I won’t bother with it.

    • Bri

      Damn, what show were you watching? And Abe and Rebecca weren’t?

  • christee

    I certainly can’t blame her for hating those people. There were very few times during this show where I didn’t want to just slap the pure dogsh!t out of the other four. Abe and Rebecca especially come off as immature little liars who aren’t remotely even good at that. But I guess the point of it all was these people are just like you, and Rebecca is just as much of a see-you-next-Tuesday as any other mega bitch I know. I felt sorry for Kate. She seems to not hate her upbringing and I think was, despite her freak outs a binge drinking, the most mature person on this joke of a show. Modeling might not help some of her issues, but I wish her success in whatever she does.

    • Bri

      LMAO at the comment about Abe and Rebecca.

    • Courtney

      Rebecca is such a b****! She has this I’m better than you attitude all the time and she’s soooo ignorantly stupid and stubborn. She bugs me sooooo much!!! I though Kate was more genuine and tried to be friends but I don’t blame her for hating Rebecca. I wish Rebecca would have received her mean jabs so she could see how it feels when someone says something about her! Ahh don’t you just want to smack the cockiness out of her!?!?!

  • Bri

    Love Kate. She was by far, the best. The rest were just..LAME

  • MagnoliaFlowers

    I think that Sabrina, Rebecca, Abe, and Jeremiah separate themselves from Kate, rather than the other way around. It’s probably because she IS different from the others. Sure she has her moments, but otherwise, she’s the most sensible one on the show. She’s not hoeing herself around(Sabrina), she’s not an asshole(Jeremiah), she’s not a bitch(Rebecca), and she isn’t anyone’s little bitch, like Abe is to Rebecca.

    • octuplet


    • octuplet

      At first I liked gummy bear, Rebecca but at the reunion show and at her pre-wedding party she and Abe who is so ugly showed themselves for the total assholes they are.

  • mslady


  • orderlylogic

    Well she does need a nose job and dental veneers and she needs to be put on Librium and Prozac.Sorry to JUDGE but not all of us have time to play around.

    • orderlylogic

      Correction: lithium not librium.

      • Guest

        You probably need tons of surgery yourself. #onlyGodshouldjudge