Bill & Giuliana Rancic are ready for baby #2

Giuliana and Bill Rancic pose with son Edward Duke on Life & Style

Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s first child, Edward Duke, is just 7 weeks old and already, these two are planning on a sibling for the little guy. The stars of Giuliana & Bill didn’t have the easiest time starting a family and while the second child will be no walk in the park either, they have taken the steps necessary to make it happen.

“We’ve got a few embryos on ice. They’re ready to go!” Giuliana tells Life & Style. “A lot of people have one kid and it’s enough. But for us, we’re just having so much fun that we’d love to have another child.”

Bill and Giuliana Rancic with their surrogate on 'Giuliana & Bill'

“The wheels are in motion,” Bill adds. “We already have plans in the works!”

Giuliana and Bill began trying for a baby in 2009 but after being unsuccessful, they tried IVF and in 2010, Giuliana became pregnant. Unfortunately, she miscarried after nine weeks. The couple stuck with IVF, determined to conceive, but before their third try, the doctor recommended Giuliana get a mammogram which revealed that she had breast cancer. Giuliana then underwent a double mastectomy and is now cancer-free.

Throughout their journey, Giuliana and Bill were determined to have a child of their own and through a gestational carrier aka a surrogate, they were able to do just that and now that they are prepared for a second child, they will go down that same road. “We’d have to go down the surrogacy path again. Thankfully, before I went on my medication, we did another round of [in vitro fertilization], so we have embryos ready to go.”

Bill and Giuliana may even use the same woman who carried their first son. In fact, Giuliana admits that she has kept in contact with Delphine following Duke’s birth and is even planning to visit her. “She’s just a good person,” Giuliana says.

  • tab

    yuck. i hate this couple.

  • jackie

    Why would you hate this couple?

  • gossip26

    I wish them every happiness, they deserve all the love and happiness in the world. God bless them.

  • Enough

    It’s really getting ridiculous. You just had a kid, but I guess you forgot bc someone else carried it, have birth to it, and a nanny is raising it for you.

  • Lily

    I’m so happy for them that they now have a beautiful baby, however, I think it’s a bit cavalier of them to want another with the same surrogate after just 7 weeks! It’s not healthy for a woman to be pregnant so soon after a birth.