Breaking Amish’s Rebecca Byler divorced Rufus Hostetler after running off with Abe Schmucker?

Breaking Amish star Rebecca Byler's reported ex-husband Rufus Hostetler

Just when you thought the truth behind the cast of TLC’s Breaking Amish couldn’t get any crazier! It appears that Rebecca was not only already involved with cast mate Abe Schmucker (the two of them reportedly even have a child together) prior to filming, but she ran off with Abe while married to another man!

The story broke when the Breaking Amish: The Truth” Facebook page was tipped off about online court records that show a Rufus Hostetler of Solen, North Dakota filing for divorce from a Rebecca Jane Byler from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania in July of 2012. Here’s a screen capture of the Register of Actions:

Braeking Amish Rebecca Byler and Rufus Hostetler divorce record

The post garnered a couple comments from people claiming to be friends of Rufus Hostetler’s confirming that this Rebecca Byler was the same as the Rebecca from Breaking Amish.

The Indiana Gazette (of Indiana, Pennsylvania) lists the couple as filing for a marriage license on March 22, 2010. At that time Rufus was listed as being from Rossiter, Pennsylvania and Rebecca was from Glen Campbell, Pennsylvania. (No, the borough wasn’t named after the country singer, it was founded in 1889.)

I tracked down Rufus Hostetler’s Facebook page and found this interesting wall post from October 30, 2010, which would suggest their marriage didn’t last very long:

I am tryn 2 figure out why in th world abe schmucker wud want to b a friend on face book afterall he left wht my wife

He then added this comment below, which looks to be a reference to a comment made by someone else that has since been deleted:

haha it wud sound like it he pry got his fill of a very insecure woman lol

According to his profile, Rufus is ex-Amish and currently owns a roofing company in North Dakota. He began dating another woman in August of 2011 and the two appear to be quite happy together.

Breaking Amish Rebecca's reported ex-husband Rufus Hostetler of Solen North Dakota

Soooooooo… In summary, Rebecca Byler (now 21) of Breaking Amish was married to now 24-year-old Rufus Hostetler (seen above), a former Amish man currently living in Solen, North Dakota. The two got married after March, 2010 and some time before October of 2010, Rebecca “ran off” with Abe Schmucker and the two reportedly had a child together. (See the photo here.) THEN, Rebecca and Abe cast on a reality show where they pretend to have just left their respective Amish communities and also pretend to fall in love after meeting for the first time in New York City. (You really can’t make this stuff up!)

I’m beginning to wonder why the Hell TLC bothered lying (or misrepresenting) in the first place. These people’s true stories are more entertaining than “just” Amish youths leaving their communities to go to New York City!

For all of our in-depth coverage of the unreality show Breaking Amish (including a bikini photo of Rebecca that must have been taken after she ran off with Abe) just click here!

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  • ashley

    Maybe TLC wanted to do a season finale “surprise! everything was fake” show, but obviously their plan backfired?! Seriously this “reality” show is ridiculous!

  • J

    Also, Abe and Rebecca didn’t pretend to “just meet” they say a number of times that they are from the same community and both always had crushes on each other

    • K

      Yeah… which is still a whole world of difference between already dating and having a child together.

    • trevor

      ya i would not be suprised if Rebecca has a real name and use’s Rebecca for this show ?i know it might sound kinda wired considering there is some kinda papers stating the devorce papers but knowing we are dealing with TLC any thing is possable .

  • Don’t you think most reality shows are more entertainment than fact?


      i THINK THEYRE Fake they make a fool out of people.!

  • Makes me wonder why Rebecca pretends to be a minor who can’t drink when she is legally able to do that and go into bars like everyone else. I don’t see a point in that unless she is currently in early pregnancy. Drinking would pull that stick out of her @$$.

    • arj

      she must have just turned 21, this was filmed few months ago

  • vanessalovez

    tlc never said they 1st meet in new york

  • i get upset because rebecca always acts like she is better than anyone else there,and now to learn this come down off your horse rebecca the news is out and i think its funny. i would have really liked to had a show with 4 people who has never done anything or even left there family ways until now thats where tlc messed up i feel they lied to us but i could tell these four had done stuff they werent pure.

  • breakamishfan

    I am confused about when she had her teeth pulled and got the dentures. Why would she do that after she already left the amish? Why do none of the blogs address this?

  • shayg

    anyone who’s ever been to family court knows they aren’t listed as plaintiff and defendant in a divorce case – if this document was authentic it would say petitioner and respondent…i would seriously question the authenticity of these papers

    • adude

      thought i quickly share…..i got divorced in burleigh county North Dakota about a year ago, and you are definitely listed as defendant and plaintiff (just double checked)

  • Trevor

    and how would Rebecca Jane Byler be from PA when she got Married in North Dakota ? hmm some thing dont sound right hear .

  • So Rebecca was married to a lesbian?

    • Cat S


  • KryssyJ

    divorce can sometimes take months. If he only just filed in july. who knows. As far as this who situation goes. Take my self as an example. My ex husband left in Oct 2011, and began seeing his now current wife exclusively while we were still married. We may have been having problems on and off for a few months and he up and left. In Rebecca’s defense if given the opp to leave even with someone who was just a friend at the time i would have taken it. I feel it would have been a better environment for me son. If the paternity is that big of an issue why doesnt she file for child support and let the courts order a paternity test on her ex. then if it does come back positive then hey.if their marriage was that bad in those few short months of getting married then why did it take him so so so long almost 2 yrs to even file for divorce. What i dont get is that if they all 5 have been out of the amish life for this many years why did their families and the community which shunned them for leaving allow them to come back just to be put back out?

  • arm727

    rutie byler, rebeccas younger sister(found her on rofus’ friends list) not very amish herself

  • A

    I was very interested at first but as the show went on I was very disapointed. I could not believe how fast they adjusted and how rude and disrespectful they all are. There r so many real life stories that would be so much of help to other families than to air persons that regardless of ur religion u should at least give the respect that it deserves.

  • Confused

    Is Breakiing Amish real??

  • Wendy Engberg