PHOTO Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie dresses up like Aunt Britney

Maddie Spears dressed as Britney Spears from Baby One More Time video

Jamie Lynn Spears and her daughter Maddie are in the Halloween spirit a little early! Maddie, who is now four, had a Celebrity Day at her school, and who else would she pick o dress up as other than her Aunt Britney?

Jamie tweeted the picture above of Maddie in pigtails, knee-high socks, tied-up cardigan and a plaid skirt with the caption, “Guess who Maddie want to for Celebrity Day at school?!” Maddie looks adorable in her Britney costume, which is appropriately more conservative than the one famously worn by Britney Spears in her “Baby One More Time” music video.

Here are side-by-side photos of Maddie and Aunt Britney from the video:

Jamie Lynn Spears daughter Maddie in Britney Spears Catholic schoolgirl costumeBritney Spears in Catholic schoolgirl costume from Baby One More Time music video

Maddie is getting so big, it’s hard to believe she’s already four! It seems like just months ago when Jamie shocked the world by announcing to OK! Magazine that she and her boyfriend Casey Aldridge were expecting. The two moved into a home together in Mississippi, got engaged, and had little Maddie. Unfortunately, the couple split in February 2010 and then, after a brief reconciliation, split again in November — this time for good (it would seem).

Now, 21-year-old Jamie is raising Maddie as a single mommy and doing a great job! They’re definitely contenders for cutest celeb mom and daughter on the planet!

Jamie Lynn Spears and daughter Maddie together

  • Well that’s cute!

  • Kait

    that skirt is WAY too short…

    • girl101

      I think it’s a skort (skirt and shorts). I used to have one just like the one Maddie is wearing here when I was a little girl.

    • tab

      i agree. britney’s wasn’t even that short in the video.

  • Ashley

    She looks SO much like her father.

  • OMG so cuute. Her skirt is a little short but who cares? Little girls wear shorter skirts in Kindergarten & Pre-School anyway than when they get older. I think she looks adorable.

    • & on a side note Jamie probably had her put on shorts under it like any good mommy for people who want to b!tch about the length.

      • Leann

        Well i’d hope that she was wearing shorts, but that skirt is so short that I bet she couldn’t even bend over in it. I’ll never understand people like you who think its okay to over-sexualize girls so young.

        • mickey

          It’s only “over-sexualizing” if you look at it that way. I see it as an adorable 4 year old wearing a skort. If you see something “sexual” you should get your head checked out

  • Savannah

    I think its cute. And age appropriate. I like that she didn’t tie the white shirt up and show off her tummy. Far better than what those women on Toddlers & Tiaras dress their kids up in. She’s such an adorable lil girl! And it looks like Jamie Lynn is doing a fabulous job as a single Mama.

  • Katie Andrews

    she is soooo cute!! here is a pic of me.