Is Alisa Maria the new addition to Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Rumored Real Housewives of New Jersey new cast member Alisa Maria

There may be some change ahead on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. A new report has surfaced that housewife friend, celebrity stylist, and fashion designer Alisa Maria may be joining the cast of the show for the upcoming fifth season. Alisa has already been on the show and is close friends with a few of the girls, but not all of them (of course).

Alisa is one of New Jersey’s most wealthy and respected socialites. She also created her own fur, leather, and diamond (oh my!) line called the Alisa Maria Collection.

Kathy Wakile and Alisa Maria on a boat

Alisa is close friends with Kathy Wakile (seen above with Alisa) as well as Teresa Giudice, and has also worked with Melissa Gorga. Alisa is even close with Heather Robinson (the one Rosie Pierri had the hots for in the hot tub, and wife of the NBA’s Cliff Robinson – both of whom can be seen in the photo with Alisa below) who has also been rumored to be joining the show.

Alisa Maria with Heather Robinson

Although Alisa and Melissa previously had a business relationship (Alisa styled Melissa for her “On Display” single cover and the season opener for Real Housewives of New Jersey), and even walked the red carpet together on occasion, the two are now on the outs and will allegedly hash it out when the cameras start rolling. That is, if Alisa is actually cast.

If Alisa becomes an official “housewife” in season 5, it won’t be her first appearance on the show. She was seen earlier this season and also had a scene in season 3.

An insider tells us that although nothing has officially been announced, fans can expect to hear something after the season 4 reunion airs, which will likely be in October — give or take a few weeks.

Rumored Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 cast member Alisa Maria

With the season winding down, we are due to hear our fair share of casting rumors and Alisa isn’t the first, nor will she be the last. Also allegedly up for a spot on season 5? Teresa’s make-up artist!

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  • Jayla

    Thank god. I expected a lot more from season 4 then we got. They are literally just rearguing abOut the same things over and over, this ‘drama filled trip’ is a bore fest, and I am SO SICK of seeing Caroline manzo, just in general. Sad to see jacqueline go but I’ve also come to think she’s too emotionally immiture for this show, so it’s probs for the best

  • Linda

    Who said Jacqueline is going, I haven’t heard that.

  • Jayla

    It’s not official but she has said herself she wants out, she’s over the drama.

  • Layla00

    Are you kidding me, another friend of Kathy Wakile? Can’t Teresa have any friends on this show? Why is she always the target? Something tells me that Bravo needs a book read to them by Mrs. Laurita regarding bullying. I’m so over the “let’s hate on Teresa” thing badly. She’s not a bad person, she’s actually a very sweet woman that has a lot on her plate right now and Bravo would rather gang up on her than do the right thing this time. This woman is gross, by the way, I would rather have Kim G!

  • Name1

    I’d like to see more of Melissa’s sisters in a future season!