Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s entire album now available!

Farrah Abraham My Teenage Dream Ended book cover

Farrah Abraham made quite the stir last week when the debut single “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom” hit the internet. But, as we mentioned in that post, Farrah has completed an entire album’s worth of songs, each titled after one of the chapters in her new book, My Teenage Dream Ended. The album is only available as a download and comes free with the purchase of the Kindle version of My Teenage Dream Ended (from what we understand), but it is now available as a separate download for $8.99 for all ten tracks or 99 cents per song on Amazon.

Here is the complete track listing (Click titles to listen to a sample and/or buy!)

1. The Phone Call That Changed My Life
2. After Prom
3. Caught in the Act
4. With Out This Ring…
5. Liar Liar
6. Unplanned Parenthood
7. Searching for Closure
8. On My Own
9. The Sunshine State
10. Finally Getting Up from Rock Bottom


  • Kaycee

    This has got to be a joke.

  • InWonderland

    Worst. Auto tune. Ever

  • corie

    Holy mother of god, what in the HELL was that crap.
    It makes me want to evacuate Florida. Right. Now.

  • Jamie

    Worst. “Album”. Ever!!!!

  • Mel

    I lol’d so hard listening to this (only got to track 3). That music producer just wanted her money, I bet Farrah thinks it’s a brilliant album. It’s a joke, she has no talent in this department at all. If she was going for the Will.I.Am autotune style, she failed, hard!

  • Ashley

    Never heard of releasing “songs” to go with a books chapters. Will not be listening to those, however I am interested in reading the book to see maybe why she’s such a b****!

    • InWonderland

      Jodi Picoult did it with one of her novels. But she hired a real musician.

  • Victoria

    This is not even singing….She is just talking in the “songs” with a crappy auto tune….omg i got a headache after listening to the samples!!!

  • Jenn G.

    Excuse me while I go clean up the blood that just poured from my ears. That is all just terrible!! The music sounds good until she opens her mouth. She sounds like she is trying to rap but instead is screaming!

  • Babyvamp

    Listened to a sample of each one…to be fair… Music is not speaking into a mic (she’s not even attempting to sing), auto tuning the shit out of your normal speaking voice, and then putting a beat to it. She’s marketing this and trying to make money off of people. Off of young fans who don’t know better. Shameful.

  • Ashley

    I’m not even going to subject my ears to listening to the samples of her songs…the first one was enough!

  • BBT

    I can’t wait to buy this!
    -No one ever, including Debra.


    O__________O WTH IS THIS?!

  • Diana

    Whomever convinced this girl to do this should be ashamed of themselves. I cannot believe she heard these things “finished” and thought it was a good idea to release them.

  • Bex

    I’m so confused after listening to the samples……what the hell is that crap?! Who in their right mind would buy it?! It’s not even in tune! I am so damn confused as to WHY it is even being released in the first place!

  • sophie

    oh dear god….

  • demona

    Only listened to 1 so far and already she makes Rebecca Black sound like a pop star legend worthy of praise.

  • Jenn

    Dear Farrah, no one is going to buy this garbage. Go play in traffic.