Watch and Listen: Don’t Be Tardy For The Party’ music video by Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss

Kim Zolciak Tardy for the Party

Here’s the final version of the infamous Real Housewives of Atlanta masterpiece “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” featuring the massively electronically altered vocals of Kim Zolciak set to a melody by Kandi Burruss and featuring a montage of Bravo reality TV clips:

Here’s an earlier version which was apparently taken from Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, or was an exclusive to him because you can hear his promo spot in a few places:

OOPS! Youtube deleted it!

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the break-out club hit of 2009/10!

They should have given the song to Lisa so she could serenade Sheree with it after she was late to Lisa’s fashion show!

You know you want to listen to this song over and over again on your way to work, working out in the gym, while shopping in the grocery store… SO DOWNLOAD IT NOW FROM AMAZON FOR ONLY 99 CENTS!

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  • Christina

    What i don’t understand is that, if someone else made it LIKE (RIHANA), most of everyone would have jumped on it. It’s a good Club banger. Kandi and her team did an excellent job,

  • etoile pirouette

    NeNe’s grating, chalk-over-the-blackboard, very unappealing talking and singing voice would not have brought anything noteworthy to the recording. Kandi you made the best choice.

    • etoile pirouette

      what is it you want besides an honest opinion?

  • etoile pirouette

    correction to my previous comment re NeNe’s non-participation in “Don’t Be Tardy to the Party”: I meant NAIL-over-the-blackboard, very unappealing talking and singing voice

  • Christine

    I’m not a fan of Kim or Kandi… but I agree, this is not bad. I think these guys did a great job with this track. I’d bump this while in traffic in the morning… kinda’ fun!!!
    Rihana would have done a great job too, and Lady Gaga— even Britney… but I’m sure ya’ll know their vocals on their own tracks are not all natural human voices as well. Come on ya’ll… give Kandi and Kim a break. 😉

  • denisecristobal

    What planet do you guys live in? “Hot” should not be in a descriptive sentence about this track unless it’s followed by the word “mess”. This sh*t is garbage I don’t care who sang it. Let these ignorant b*tches stick to what they know best and that’s arguing over meaningless bullsh*t…. leave the music making for real musicians and artists. Let me not get started on Lady Ga Ga and the rest of those untalented puppets.

  • nica

    WOW!!!!!!! tht is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
    They really can make “anyone” sound good….LOLOLOL…LMAO….i choked on my own laughing.
    what a joke. i couldn’t beleive kandi put her reputation and name on the line for that…hope it doesn’t bite her.

  • Tab

    Is this a joke? Do they actually want to distribute this song and people to take it serious? Its sounds like it should be on a Disney CD. Kandi should have given this one to her daughter! I mean Kandi worked magic with the tools she had, bad singer, and ridiculous hook, but the finish product is still just simple and juvenile. Kandi has too much talent to be dealing with Kim. Bad News Kandi…Bad News!

  • Jdow

    I would be angry if I had to change the radio station even once to avoid this song.

  • Ari

    kandi did wonders to her voice haha when i heard that sh*t when she was recording it i felt bad for her a$$ ( had my head down saying oh no she didnt) but when i heard it when it was finished i said wow kandi is the best .. with the help with technology

  • silvia

    dont be tardy for the party song was great kandi’s ppl did a great job. cause led me tell you kim does not have a good voice at all!!!! But kandi made her sound awsome.!!! I love this song its a hit and its a great song to just get off your a$$ and dance. YOU GO KANDI AND KIMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bring in the clowns

    Ha ha ha! What a piece of crap song. Oh my God is that so off the charts a waste of human life. She is so full of her aging self that she believes she has finally arrived. An artist. A singer. Really? When do the clowns run out and yell gotcha honkin’ their bike horns? She thinks she is all that when viewers sit in stunned silence knowing the song was am affront to all things musical. Kim you are a narcisstic gold digger and a poser to high society. White trash in expensive clothes. You have all the glamor of a fading porn star. In short, You are a bore, fake appendages, fake hair, botox in the buttocks, fake smile and fake sincerity. I think that pretty much covers it. Shoo! Go away! Your time is over. There never was a party Kim. You made one up. We are not coming. Your age is starting to really show.