Sarah Silverman tweets “quickie aborsh” before-and-after abortion photos of herself

Sarah Silverman abortion before and after photos fake

Sarah Silverman has made a comedic career out of being as controversial and outrageous as humanly conceivable, often using subject matter such as rape, the Holocaust, and child molestation as the punchlines for her jokes. But her latest shock-shock joke on Twitter has a lot of folks thinking she may have crossed the line – even for Sarah Silverman.

As part of the recent “War on Women” phenomenon, and as commentary on Mitt Romney’s stance on the legality of abortion, the 41-year-old comedienne posted fake before-and-after abortion photos on April 12 along with the tweet, “Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.”

Sarah Silverman quickie aborsh before and after Twitter photos

The “before” photo featuring what appears to be a pregnant Silverman is actually from earlier in the day when Sarah’s stomach became bloated after eating a burrito. (“It’s a burrito!” was Silveman’s original tweet along with the picture.)

The joke has received a huge amount of support from pro-choice supporters, but also a large amount of criticisms from those who believe the subject of abortion is “no laughing matter.”

In case you didn’t know, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has vowed to work to reverse the historic Roe vs. Wade decisions, stating in January, “Today, we recommit ourselves to reversing that decision.” He continued by saying, “People of both political parties know that more than a million abortions a year cannot be squared with the good heart of America.”

So what do you think? Was the joke in bad taste, or is it an example of using humor to address a very serious topic?


    It’s a free country, isn’t it?

  • Mila

    It’s not funny. Abortion is a very serious topic, and in many cases a heartbreaking and scary experience for women. Some people may think its funny, but I do not. I know nothing about Sarah Silverman, and after seeing this I’m glad. Very bad taste.

  • CS

    @Mila, I agree this was in VERY bad taste and it gives the impression that women who have abortions do it on a whim and feel no sadness afterwards when you have no idea why they had an abortion, it could have been because of rape or maybe the mother’s life was at risk. This isn’t funny,

  • I’ve never been a fan of Sarah Silverman, but I think this was a tasteless and insensitive joke. I understand the point that she was trying to get across, but there were other ways to do it. The presentation of these photos trivializes the concept of abortion, which isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Not cool. Not cool at all.

  • Diana

    This is reprehensible. They are some things that will never be funny, no matter how you attempt to spin them, abortion definitely being one of those things.

    I’m pro-choice, though I myself would never have an abortion. However, I believe that every woman has the right to make that decision for herself. The fact that Sarah is making light of a situation that can be heartbreaking for ANY woman…I have no words to describe how disgusted and sad that makes me.

    Shame on her.

  • dd

    the government scre*ws us over everyday and THIS offends people? dont worry about the millions that go without health care and a stupid war that slaughter’s innocent ppl lets worry about what sarah silverman does – of course!
    If the idiot politicians can make a joke out of our situation than it looks like its fair game for every comedian.

    • JR

      totally and 100% agree with you.

  • Steve

    It’s easy to complain about someone making a joke about something you care about, but if no one could make a joke about anything that someone cared about, we would have very few joke opportunities. Sarah’s test of whether a joke is worth making is “is this funny”, i.e. does she find it funny. And there are enough people who share her sense of humour to make it worth her while and theirs for her to keep doing her thing. It may seem tasteless to you, but it really is not disgusting, and I don’t think it is making light of the subject either.

  • Jenn

    Gosh people it’s a joke. This is what’s wrong with some people these days. Can’t tell a joke without getting someone being a dick about it.

    Get over it.

    • sanoga

      Some people find this offensive. You’re not the joke police, you can’t force people to appreciate Silverman’s tasteless sense of humor. Get over it.

    • Diana

      Yes, making light of someone ending the life of an unborn child so callously is hilarious. (sarcasm intended in case you didn’t catch on.) This is life we’re talking about, I fail to find the comic fodder in that. Please enlighten me as to where the humor lies?

    • Mya

      I think this is the Jenn who supports the karTRASHians.


  • Doreen

    This woman is SICK and NEEDS professional help!! Abortion is MURDER. Plain and simple it KILLS LIFE that GOD created.

    • Lowie

      yes, the joke is in poor taste, but come on…WAR kills people that God created too, and yet people can joke about war all day long. Starvation also kills innocent people. as far as silverman jokes go, the holocaust killed a hella lot of ppl too, but there’s no huge outcry of indignation over those jokes. I wouldn’t ever consider an abortion, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil (pregnant from rape/incest, or there could be complications that put the mother’s and/or baby’s life at risk by continuing the pregnancy), and women need to have that option. despite being in poor taste, she IS trying to bring attention to the issue in her own convoluted way.

  • Sara

    I’m not against abortion, but this is sick and it’s not something you should be laughing about…I’m pro-choice but could never get one myself. I hope this won’t start a debate between pro-choice and pro-life. I don’t want to hear how GOD will destroy me because of my thinking.

  • sanoga

    I, for one, am shocked that she experienced that much bloating from one burrito.

    • breanne

      love this comment!

    • mandy

      You obviously have never been to Chipotle while stoned.

  • Jill

    i dont see any thing wrong with it ..alot of woman are tired of political people making decisions for our bodys there our bodys not yours if we want to be on birth control than let us if woman feel that they need an abortion let them .i can understand if they did it in a way of woman who just have them just to have them like woman who are whores who have had 20 of them in there life time simply because they have no respect for them selfs is one thing but what about the woman who are raped or teenage girls who choose this as one of there decisions it .It makes it really hard for me to respect the government when i don’t see them making medical decisions for men hey if god didnt want your dick to work why should you have medication to make your penis get up and also not caring or respecting us woman for the chooses we made i honestly hope all there moms smack them up side there f**ken head soon there going to start saying woman don’t need medication for our hot flashes when we hit that next stage in life and oh boy will it be the government vs really pissed off woman

  • Kate

    I think people are misunderstanding Sarah Silvermans point.
    She’s not making light of the topic of abortion, shes making light of how offensive it is that people like Mitt Romney think that women who want/get abortions haven’t thought it through. I think this is a little extreme, but when a Presidential candidate is on a war against women to take away the rights to our own bodies, then I find this completely acceptable.

  • Snowwhitey

    People, there is a guy running for President saying things like:

    > “In case you didn’t know, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has vowed to work to reverse the historic Roe vs. Wade decisions, stating in January, ‘Today, we recommit ourselves to reversing that decision.'”

    A decision the Supreme Court saw as constitutional! And you are getting all riled up because a comedienne(!) made a ‘food baby’ joke? What the f**k is wrong with your priorities?

    • Laura

      Thank YOU!

      Yes, let’s all get offended and find this joke in poor taste. But let’s not worry at all about women’s rights being stripped. No, that’s perfectly fine, not offensive at all. Jesus Christ. What is wrong with this world? It’s my choice damn it. Not Mit Romney’s or any other Republican candidate. It’s MINE.

      • Mandy

        YES. I can’t even believe someone with that mind set is running for president. It’s actually really f**king scary. Stay out of my uterus!!!!!!!!!

        • Mandy

          Sorry about all the cussing starcasm moderators. I’m on a roll today. I don’t even notice until it’s in moderation. I need a spanking 😉

  • Bee

    Wow, a lot of you just don’t get it. Of course it’s offensive and ridiculous. Silverman is pretending to be what Romney and other vocal Republicans think ALL WOMEN are: stupid irresponsible children who need smart strong men to make all their decisions for them. Conservatives seem to think the country is full of stupid wimmins just going around aborting babies for fun, and this post illustrates just how ridiculous that idea is, how belittling and offensive that idea is TO ALL WOMEN.

    • Mandy


  • tab

    i dislike her very much, but don’t really care that she’s making a joke out of this. roe v wade won’t ever be overturned, so it’s not even something to be taken seriously.
    but holy hell, what kind of burrito did she eat?? that’s a whole lotta bloat.

    • katy

      It may not ever be “overturned” but state after state after state are making it next to impossible for women to access safe and timely reproductive care. Her joke may not have been serious, but the issue certainly is.

      • tab

        reproductive care? you mean birth control? birth control is easy to get. local county health departments give out condoms for free. not having actual intercourse is always free, too. there are other ways to be intimate with your partner that won’t result in a human life being created.

  • Sam

    I thought it was pretty funny. Maybe I’m heartless. But whatever. She is making a point. Women deserve to have a choice. Mitt Romney isn’t in my uterus. He doesn’t even have a uterus, so why would he get to make those decisions??

    People are so judgmental nowadays.

    • Diana

      Most women deserve a choice. But there is a line, such as with women who consistently have unprotected sex, knowing full well the consequences of said actions. Instead of protecting themselves, they repeatedly have abortions without a thought or care. That’s reprehensible. The babies they are aborting never had a choice when it came to their creation. The mother did.

      • Mandy

        You’re right Diana. Those women should be forced to have those babies that they don’t want!! Let them go on welfare and neglect those little unwanted babies! ESPECIALLY if she does drugs and/or is a minority and wants to give it up for adoption. You know those lines to adopt black crack babies are just out the door!!

    • tab

      yes, you should get a choice. IF your health and/or the health of the unborn child is at risk. otherwise, let’s not forget that adoption is also a choice.
      imo, abortion shouldn’t be a “choice” if there’s no good reason for it.

      • Mandy

        How many children have YOU adopted?

  • Cwright1227

    Sarah Silverman is one of my favorite comedians. It’s a joke, get over it! It’s funny, and she’s doing her job. If you don’t like her comedy; go check out a shitty comedian like Dane Cook or something. If this offends you don’t go see stand up cause your little baby ears wont be able to handle it!

  • Susie Krendler

    I don’t know what you ladies are talking about! Sign me up for the next abortion! Hell, ALL the abortions!

  • dd

    people have a more powerful reaction to this than when the government tells us we dont have a choice. you should be embarrassed. For or against abortion – its no ones business but your own.

  • Patri

    Its Funny to see how many people are offended by this. I Don’t judge what people do or say. If she thinks that funny that’s fine. But I’m not going to let me ruin my day….

    • Ashlynn

      Agreed! Get over it, and everyone go on with your day.

  • Miranda

    People quit with the fake outrage. This is a non issue. If you didn’t get the joke that’s your problem. Also could we also cut back on the rhetoric. I’m sick to death of some people acting like aborting a 6 week old embryo is the same as killing a 6 week old newborn. Get real and put your sensitivity hats away.

  • Kris

    I find the women’s rights being stripped away argument pretty amusing. Last I checked women have all the rights in the world when it comes to birth control through education and responsibility. Why do we need abortion when there are multiple birth control options available..Merna lasts up to 5 years there’s the depo shot, implanon, the patch and numerous bc pills available. For those who have unprotected sex they have the morning after pull and now Ella which u can take up to 5 days after sex. Planned parenthood is available for those who cannot afford bc as well not to mention handing out free condoms. So I ask again how will our rights be stripped away? Be responsible!

  • Anne

    I’ve never found her funny and I don’t find her funny now. The only reason she started getting more attention was because of 1. her ex Jimmy Kimmel and 2. she’s so desperate, that she is willing to say anything to get and keep attention.

  • Michelle

    I don’t agree with abortion, and I could never justify getting one myself, but I believe women have the right to choose. That being said, it’s still not funny.

  • lindsay

    A. it’s a prosthetic belly- u can see where the rubber ends!! she was clearly joking about the burrito, starcasm, please stop reporting jokes as facts. UGH!

    B. Can everyone just relax, she’s a notoriously controversial comedienne and she got YOU guys talking, didn’t she??