Is ‘The Situation’ in rehab for substance abuse?

We all know our guidos and guidettes from Jersey Shore bring it hard and according to TMZ all the Seaside Heights shenanigans have finally caught up with The Situation.

Sources are stating that Michael Sorrentino has checked himself into an inpatient treatment program for substance abuse problems. A rep for Sitch took the old rest and relaxation explanation to spin this little GTL vacation:

“…[Sorrentino] has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule.”

Michael’s been on a relentless and seemingly unending schedule of appearances and paid partying to cash in on the fame from the show. He’s always stated that he’s well aware that his 15 minutes from JS will one day come to a halt and that he aims on makin’ his bank while he can.

These same sources added that Michael was showing signs of substance abuse problems during the most reason season of the show and that it was getting worse as the taping dragged on. They are hopeful he gets the help he needs so he can be back up and at it for the recently announced 6th season.

As for Mike? He posted this open ended comment on Twitter last night…

Either way, we hope Mike gets to feeling better because there ain’t no Shore without our boy.

Photo: Judy Eddy/

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  • Not a Situation fan

    I’m sure he put that on twitter, because he doesn’t want to admit he has a weakness! He’s a jerk & they shouldn’t let him do any more JS seasons! What does he bring to the show? Only drama! I thought only GIRLS brought drama? He’s ugly & the only thing he has is his 6 pack. Everyone is SO tired of seeing that too!! When he complains about seeing grenades…he should stop looking in the mirror! Ick! He gets more face time than someone who’s REALLY good looking…aka PAULY!!

  • Icky

    Seriously, why are they still airing this show? These people are so old and the situation is SO UGLY!!! Can we get some new faces instead of watching 30 year olds who have aged like 40 year olds?!

  • Amber

    God that is one FUGLY dude

  • Mandy

    During the season finale I told my husband I thought he was totally coked out in the scene where he’s talking to Sam in a bedroom.

  • Punkin003

    How else could they go non stop partying all day and all night w/out abusing some substance?

  • hanna

    i also think he wants to put snookis pregnancy in everyone’s mind, because hes been jealous of her and the rumors going around about them too, and this just adds on to it, cuz if hes been abusing he could have believed they did something and really didnt(i dnt think they did), but im glad that he is gettin help

  • Melanie

    I was thinking during this last season he seemed a little more….d!ckish than usual. I guess I just attributed it to roids? Hmm…

  • Zilly

    His 15 minutes are just about up. The 6th season may be his only way to make money I mean for how long can he continue w/his “sitich” character, and has he spent all his money?

  • Patri

    He looks like a chipmunk.

  • Not a Situation fan

    I’m just as tired of seeing his face as I am his stupid 6 pack! Who cares anything about him? He’s a nobody.