Teen Mom Amber Portwood strikes a plea deal, gets five year sentence

Amber Portwood mug shot

Troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was in court today stemming from her drug arrest last month after police found numerous prescription pills in her possession that she could not prove were hers. Amber pled guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of probation violation and was sentenced to five years in prison.

But, as part of the plea deal, Amber can avoid serving any time behind bars if she completes a court-mandated drug rehabilitation program, which means graduating from the Madison County Drug Court program.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that there will be a zero tolerance policy and if she screws up in any way “she’ll be tossed in the pokey immediately, no questions asked.”

It’s good news that Amber might have avoided spending even more time behind bars, let’s just hope her stint in rehab this time around has the desired positive (and permanent) effect.

She still has a hearing February 6th to see if the judge accepts the deal.

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  • LaDy

    Doubt she’ll stay clean. Don’t get to used to life outside the slammer, you’ll be back soon enough.

    • Kaylee

      Seriously? 5 years? I understand she did wrong but that’s a little harsh over some pills! At least he gave her the chance at rehab. But I don’t think she has a chance in hell to complete it!(will see) I’am not exactly a “fan” of amber’s but I don’t hate her either. Just saying she’s got a lil girl out here waiting for her.I hope she does right by her daughter and get’s back into her life.

      • krystel

        uh 5 yrs yes! if your stupid enought to have drugs that arnt yours you pay for it! maybe next time she will think twice before taking drugs with her child in her life!

      • Caroline

        I think it is 5 years because she was already on probation for the domestic abuse with Gary. She got caught with pills while on probation, which can make her sentence worse for the pills or make her have to serve the orginal sentence for the domestic abuse instead of probation.

      • shortwhitegirl

        i’m not sure what the law is where Amber is, but here in missouri if you have perscription narcotic pills on you that arent prescribed to you, its a felony for every pill you have. that could be why she received 5 years. plus, 5 is just to scare you. she could get 180 day shock treatment, or a couple / several months then out on good behavior, or something along those lines. key word, good behavior……

    • Tara

      It’s pretty sad when we live in a world where a majority of drug related convictions get substantial, sometimes mandatory 30 year sentences at least where I live, while criminals convicted of sexual crimes against people including innocent children are sentenced far too little time. For instance my ex husband plead guilty to felony sexual indecency with a child, that child being my daughter I had with him who is also autistic. He could not avoid conviction as he failed to return her to me from visitation and was caught by a deputy in the act. He was sentenced to a mere 3 YEARS! After being there for 3 months I was notified he was up for a parole hearing. He was granted parole and is due out this week. Due to this I did contact my local representative and got a bill drafted to help protect children from the situation she went thru. Back o Amber, everybody pray for her to find inner peace. She has had something tragic happen as a child to be so angry. Counseling is part of the drug court which Amber definitely needs.

  • Mom of 4

    I wish her the best

  • Kelsey

    I support Amber in going back to rehab and I really hope she can stay clean for herself and for her babygirl Leah!!!

  • Hope

    Hope the last month has scared her enough to stay straight.

  • chee

    she’d better straighten her ass up. One mistake and she’ll be locked up, wow.

  • Paige

    ANOTHER chance? If she hasnt taken advantage of them before, she wont now. Her poor daughter.



  • Kathy

    I give Amber 2 weeks and she’ll be back in trouble… I wonder if anger management is part of her probation, not just the drug rehab.. I certainly hope so!!

  • Jail

    This case reminds me of Lindsay Lohan. They keep telling her she has “one more chance”, yet they keep giving her more and more time. They’re both f**k ups, and they both deserve to rot in jail for their wrong doings. Stop giving her a slap on the wrist. If she was black, she’d have been in jail years ago for this crap. The U.S. continues to enforce racial profiling at it’s finest.

  • Starcasm Staff

    There is still a hearing on February 6, not 7th. As for the information being wrong, please source the contradicting information if you have proof that it is wrong.

  • Caroline

    I hope she can comeplete drug court and change herself for Leah’s sake. Drug court (at least the ones I have heard about) are not easy. They test you very regularly for everything from prescriptions to street drugs. You cant even have a beer. You also cant be around people who have or are on drugs or drinking. If you miss one meeting or are late for work/school(whatever you commit to doing) you can be asked to leave the drug court program. If you are asked to leave drug court you go back to jail for your sentence. I can’t imagine Amber having an entire year of no drugs drinking fighting, and being on time and making all her goals.


    wow i get caught driving with a suspend license and i had to do 30 days in jail yet these offenders over and over get no time.. wow

  • Brandy Martin

    She needs to grow up. She is a mother now and her child needs her. She needs to realize that it isn’t all about her and what she wants any more. Thank God Gary is a good solid parent.

  • Me

    What a stupid bitch.

  • ME

    sorry i meant to write 6th http://www.facebook.com/AmberPortwoodOfficial

    That is the official fan page that her brother helps run. (hence why i would find their info more credible)

    you said: It’s good news that Amber avoided spending even more time behind bars, let’s just hope her stint in rehab this time around has the desired positive (and permanent) effect.

    Its not a for sure thing that she isnt gonna spend more time behind bars so you shouldnt be writing that. Come february 6th the judge might not approve the plea deal.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Okay thanks. We reworded the sentence to “might have avoided,” and made sure to add there is still a February 6 hearing to see if the judge accepts the deal. The writer should have included that information in the original posting, and for that we apologize.

  • i!*Kyla*i!

    It’s such a shame that she can’t get her act together and live a normal healthy and happy life. She has to learn the hard way and one day if not now than later she WILL realize what she has done, and the full reality of her consciquiences & and the beauty in life she will miss out on (like her daughter Leah). Even if it takes failing the drug rehab program and landing her self in jail for five years… **angels please follow little Leah**

    • mommy26


  • mommy26

    Sorry but i think Amber has inner issues she needs to deal with before any jail will help her as we can all see from the show I wish her the best and will be praying she gets thru rehab.

  • Mikey

    There is programs out there that help people stay clean and give them goals and help them reach them she is self medicating the real problem she needs see a mental health doctor it could be from childhood on maybe soboxone or methadone could be the answer or maybe ADHD.