PHOTOS What Courtney Stodden looks like going to church

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson Dourtney logo
Courtney Stodden and husband Doug Hutchinson attend church in Los Angeles

Twitter’s terribly trashy teen titillater Courtney Stodden took time out from her gratuitous tweeting to attend church services in Los Angeles this morning. As you might have expected, the newly-turned 17 year old wasn’t afraid to bring the sexy and was sporting a revealing black minidress with a peek-a-boo lace back and walking on a pair of intimidatingly steep metallic gold stiletto heels.

Also along for Courtney’s come to Jesus moment was the other, more elderly half of the infamous “Dourtney” supercouple, 51-year-old hubby Doug Hutchinson. Oh, and Courtney’s recently proven to be not fake breasts.

And here’s a back view of Dourtney, revealing Courtney’s diamond-shaped lace window in the back of her dress:

Teen bride Courtney Stodden attends church with husband Doug Hutchinson is sexy black dress

Sadly, Courtney didn’t share any of her Twittillating tweets about her trip to the House of God, but she did share this little tidbit later in the day:

Caressing the essence of Christmas with my flirty spirit as I festively dive into a sexy santa suit & jingle my bells to hot holiday hits!

And just in case you needed a nice pair of tweets, here’s Courtney’s prose from last night:

Had such a satisfying Saturday night – Feeling ready to lock myself up, strip off my wear & bounce into a daring evening of erotic dreams…

Ah heck, how ’bout one more tweet from earlier Saturday?

Provocatively preparing my provokingly perky package for a pulsating night filled with puurfect party passion – meow 😉

I just hope Courtney didn’t go to confession! That poor preacher’s ear! (Not to mention the big man upstairs!)

I also hope (or dare I say pray) that Courtney had herself one of Phaedra Parks’ infamous prayer cloths! What’s that, you missed that episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Here’s Phaedra’s definition with a couple words added at the beginning to give it the proper Phaedra flare:

Everybody knows… “The prayer cloth is a covering so that you don’t offend people with your luscious thighs and knee caps during service.”

Actually, Courtney may need something more along the lines of a prayer blanket.

Anyways… here are a couple looooong last looks at Courtney in her Sunday best:

Courtney Stodden wears a sexy black minidress to church in Los Angeles Courtney Stodden wears sexy minidress and stiletto high heels to church

Photos: Splash News
Theme Song: “Jezebel” by Frankie Lane

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  • Mandy

    Prayer snuggie? Anyways this girl needs a stylist stat. In a few years she will (hopefully) look back and be really embarrassed by how she looked. Her hair is horrific, the tan is atrocious, and her makeup YUCK!! It’s all fine and dandy to want to be a little sexpot or whatever.. but she is failing miserably. I blame her husband because he has money and lets her look like this!

    • john

      You blame the husband? It’s fine and dandy to be a little 17 yr old sexpot? I bet you’re just like her.

      • Mandy

        Aww thanks John. Actually I’m what she aspires to be :) My blonde hair is fabulous, my tan is amazing and my makeup is always flawless. Yes I blame the husband. They are already married which I don’t agree with but the deed is done. The least he can do is keep her from making a fool of herself since she is so young and obviously hasn’t mastered her look yet. He could get the girl a stylist and a little help in the beauty department is what I’m saying.

  • Dani


    • Roxanne

      Don’t you mean “unRIL” ? 😉

      • Mandy


  • Lala

    Sheesh! That’s not even appropriate daytime wear…Unless you’re a SKANK.

  • D

    I always wondered what she wore to church. She needs to move to NJ or somewhere it’s necessary to wear actual clothes due to the weather.

  • Dani

    I would feel soooo uncomfortable going to church with a person dressed like that.

  • G

    You do realize that her husband is wearing Leather pants to church as well… Its not that just she dresses poorly for any woman going to church, but so does her Husband

  • Chelsea

    wtf is up with her tweets always sounding like some cheesy poem meant to be put into a p0rno???

  • victoria

    If that was my child I’d kill her. There is no way 1. my 17 year old would dress or talk like that and 2. be with a man old enough to be her father. This whole situation with her makes me sick.

  • Lo C.

    She wears that bra with the clear straps everytime she’s photographed…hmm..?

  • Jennifer

    how funny they say she proved her breasts were real, you can clearly see the implant edges in her push-up attire, I have friends with implants, wonder how much they paid to get the fake ‘real’ test results?!

    • Mandy

      I actually think she makes those lines with fake tanner. I saw an episode of Dr Drew where they “tested” her b00bs and she had a hospital gown on. She was braless and her boobs were a hell of a lot smaller than they appear usually. I think she uses major padding and push up bras along with contouring her cleavage to appear bigger chested. I say if she’s going to go through all of that why not just get the dang titty bags put in? Looking at her makes my b00bies hurt, she’s a booby torturer!

  • Danielle

    Soooooooo direspectful to yourself and to God for dressing like that….and why is this BABY with a man old enough to be her father???? This world is going to hell in a handbasket. So sad.

  • Anne

    This is one of those times I wish God really did strike people down with lightening! She makes Kim Kardashian look classy!

  • Luke

    How many of you people commenting on here actually go to church? At least she was attending. GTFO.

  • Michael Scott

    So what’s wrong with her inappropriate dress? Because she has a nice figure and long legs she should wear a full length raccoon coat