Courtney Stodden pregnancy update: Mom Krista Keller suggests fakery, Courtney reality show offers, video of Doug Hutchison telling his mom

Courtney Stodden mom Krista Keller

As you might have guessed, there has been a bit of fallout after it was announced that former “Teen Bride” Courtney Stodden, now 21, is currently pregnant with her and 55-year-old husband Doug Hutchison’s first child together. As you might also have guessed, the biggest drama comes courtesy of Courtney’s mother, Krista Keller, who appeared alongside Courtney on Lifetime’s therapeutic reality series The Mother/Daughter Experiment.

“If it wasn’t for media I would not get to know the news about my daughter’s pregnancy,” Krista revealed to Fox News, adding that she isn’t sure “if this is accurate.”

Krista goes on to kinda not really say she’s happy for the mom to be: “If she is happy, I am happy for her. It would be nice to experience this with her, but as it still stands, she and I are still not speaking. I did not even hear from her on Mother’s Day.” Krista stirs up their family issues by then praising her other two daughters: “I was blessed to be able to celebrate it with my other two daughters, Ashley, 32, and Brittany, 30.”

Krista revealing that she and Courtney are not on speaking terms comes after Courtney told Wonderwall that their relationship is no better — if not worse — than it was before appearing on The Mother/Daughter Experiment.

“We’re completely on the outs right now,” Courtney said. “I hate to say that we’re in a worse place now than we were before we started, but we’re just not in a good place right now… Unfortunately, not much has been healed.”

Courtney also foreshadowed her pregnancy in the interview. “Well, Doug really wants children,” said Courtney. “It’s a challenge because he really wants children with me, and I eventually would love to have kids, but it’s all in good time.”

After Krista’s comments about her daughter’s pregnancy, Courtney also spoke with Fox News. “My mother continues to play her ‘victim’ games to manipulate the media and ride on the coat tails of my celebrity in a pathetic attempt to remain in the limelight. Now she’s using my pregnancy in the same manner.”

Courtney Stodden quote about mom Krista Keller

Courtney then explains why Krista didn’t hear from her on Mother’s Day: “The reason I didn’t reach out to my mother on Mother’s Day is because she is not being a good mother to me,” Courtney said. “The truth is, that my mother recently went to press to claim that I apparently have ‘the devil’s hands all over me’ and that a ‘Christian counselor’ informed her to stay away from me for at least 6 to 8 years.”

Meanwhile, Courtney posted a video on Instagram showing the moment she and husband Doug Hutchison revealed to his mother that she was pregnant:

That moment when we shared the news with Doug's Mama ? #4weeks #baby

A video posted by Courtney A Stodden (@courtneyastodden) on

Doug’s mother’s reaction was essentially exactly the same as most comments sections on posts about Courtney’s pregnancy. “No!” she says. “No! Nooo!”

Doug and Courtney laugh and Courtney asks, “Are you happy?”

Doug’s mom responds with, “Shocked! How did that happen? I know how that happened, but why?!”

Doug calmly answers with “I don’t think I need to tell you how that happened mom. You’ve had two children already, so you know how that happened.”

The pregnancy could be a boon for Courtney publicity-wise as she reportedly now has multiple offers for her own reality show. “Courtney and Doug are over the moon,” a source tells The Sun. “She has now been offered a number of TV and media deals including several production companies wanting to sign Courtney up for her own reality show.”

The source goes on to make a rather bold claim. “If things go well in the next few months, Courtney could be the new Kim K, with people desperate to see how she and Doug do when the baby is born.”

I don’t know about Courtney becoming the next Kim Kardashian, but I will confess that I would certainly be tuned in for that show! At least for the first few episodes…

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