Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville modeling photos

Brandi Glanville modeling lingerie for Wacoal

I did a profile post yesterday on Brandi Glanville, one of two new additions to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and in it I mentioned that there were absolutely no photos online from Brandi’s professional modeling career. I even called her out with the plea, “C’mon, you’ve got to have some old modeling shots laying around you want to share!”

It seems the post helped generate a bit of a buzz on Twitter, to which Brandi responded, “Peeps r ask n 2 see old modeling photos. Im gonna post some on fb.I dont love my pics & its very personal to me, but I will put a couple up!”

She has yet to add the photos to her public Facebook page, but she has since shared a few via her Twitter account, including the Wacoal lingerie photo above and this next pretty in purple and pink portrait:

Real Hosuewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville modeling photo

A friend of Brandi’s was kind enough to send us some additional photos (with Brandi’s permission of course) just in case you needed more evidence to prove Brandi Glanville has always been beautiful 😉 Here’s a fun one in which Brandi’s legs seem to go on for days and days and days…

Brandi Glanville shows off her long legs in a modeling photo from a clothing catalog

I am a heterosexual dude, and as such, I am predetermined to be partial to the sexy photo of Brandi in her unmentionables at the top of this post. But, I think my second favorite may be a bit of a surprise, is so far as it isn’t just the one in which she is wearing the second least amount of clothes. This one features Brandi in a blue mini skirt and splotchy blue jacket with a white t-shirt and white sunglasses. The thing I like about it is that Brandi demonstrates how to look great while also appearing to be completely stressed out and fed up – a great talent to have when you’re joining one of the Real Housewives shows!

Modeling photo of Brandi Glanville from The Real Hosuewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi, you said in your tweet that you don’t love your pics and they’re very personal to you, but let me be the first of many to say you need to start loving these like I do! You look beautiful, strong, at ease, and of course sexy – what’s not to love?!?

Here are all of the Brandi Glanville modeling photos she was kind enough to share with us. (Click thumbnails to enlarge)

Photos: Courtesy of Brandi Glanville

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  • BB lover

    WOW! Natural beauty! After all the haters claiming plastic surgery I’m glad she finally posted old modeling pictures so we can all see she looks exactly the same. GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see rhwobh w/Brandi this season!

    • me

      No she doesn’t look the same. These pictures show natural beauty, versus now where she’s 1000 years old and filled up with botox.

  • Cathy

    She really is beautiful and after following her on twitter since seeing her on the trailer for Real housewives, I can tell she’s fun. Leann you homewrecker, eat your heart out! This is what a beautiful woman looks like.

  • catdoc

    Botox, lip fillers, and Restylane probably. If I could afford it, I would, too!

  • anne haseltine

    Bradi is by far the most Beautiful House wife of all the H.Ws put together!!!!

    And I think it’s so funny that Lisa V.,Kyle,Kim and Pam or Dana Or whatever her ass kissing name is, are so Jealous they could just Die!!!This is going to be fun!!!!Ans Kim, You are WACKED OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!!! Who do you think you are kidding? In 1982 you did a movie, “Meat Ball’s 2” and you were coked out of you head then!!!
    so don’t even try to B.S. everyone!!!

  • Danmack

    I totally agree, Brandi is the shit, & Kim is a wacked out piece of shit !

  • Brandi is not all that so quit acting like a bunch of weirdos. Its your choice of what pretty is defined and to me its like looking a tall skinny wild horse with no shape. What is there to envy long telephone pole legs and not shape too skeletal looking its not a normal body shape too many bad diets. Now Kim Kardashian is pretty in shape but has a baby brain or should i say robot listens to mommy too much can’t make her own decisions like a grown up.

  • There isn’t no such thing is natural looking its HOllywood open those eyes botox, diets, surgeries for face, eyes, butt, you name it they have it. no such thing is natural in Hollywood beauties. You are all fools that were fooled.

    • Danmack

      Please don’t confuse the terms “shapely”, “curvy”, or “healthy” with FAT. Kim Kard., Beyonce & J Lo, all gorgeous in face, but all FAT in rear !

  • kate

    the one in the one piece black bathing suit and stiletto heels looks like the tranny trainwreck from the OC cast (peggy i think her name is – the one who thinks she’s a “model” but is beyond fugly)

  • Brooke

    Wow, she was beautiful. Why did she get plastic surgery?

  • Simon

    What a complete dog of a woman

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