PHOTOS Paris Hilton parties with aunt Kyle Richards at Rock the Kasbah charity event

Kyle Richards and Paris Hilton at the 5th annual Rock the Kasbah charity event 2011

Celebridom’s greatest aunt/niece combo got together for a good cause Wednesday night as Paris Hilton united with her Aunt Kyle Richards for Sir Richard Branson’s 5th annual Rock the Kasbah fundraising gala in Hollywood. Kyle shared the above photo via Twitter showing the two having a great time at the event along with the tweet “@ParisHilton and me tonight at Rock the Kasbah.”

A little FYI: Rock the Kasbah raises money for Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group. You can read more about them HERE.

Is it just me or does that photo look like a promotional image for a new scripted television show? I’m thinking they could bring back Cagney & Lacey and put the familial spin on it! Or they could round up a short-haired brunette (perhaps Kyle’s daughter Alexia would be willing to make the sacrifice?) and star in the crime-fighting drama Mauricio’s Angels! (I hope you’re reading this Andy Cohen – these are million dollar ideas!)

Although it is a great photo of the two, it doesn’t even come close to being my favorite Paris and Aunt Kyle picture! How could it with this gem floating around the webs of lil Paris on Kyle’s knee!

Kyle Richards and Paris Htilon photo from when Paris was a child


Also, the photo at the top is a little low-res and zoomed in, so here are some red carpet shots of the two looking fab as usual:

Paris Hilton on the red carpet at the 5th annual Rock the Kasbah charity event 2011

Paris Hilton needs to open a School of Red Carpet Posing! If walking the red carpet becomes an Olympic event I gurantee we’ll be seeing her on a Wheaties box!

Kyle Richards on the red carpet at the 5th annual Rock the Kasbah charity event 2011

I’m lovin’ the pant suit with the plunging neckline and faux tie! (Hmmmmm – the high angle on Kyle’s photo is a little weird. I guess the photographer was Shaquille O’Neil or something.)

Paris Hilton will be following up one night of fam partying with another as she moves on to Las Vegas to celebrate her brother Barron’s birthday this weekend! From Twitter:

Paris Hilton kisses her brother Barron Hilton

Top photo: Twitter/YFrog
Young Paris and Kyle photo: The Wendy Williams Show/Fox
Paris Hilton red carpet photo: Starbux/
Kyle red carpet photo: Suntzulynn for LE / Splash News
Paris and Barron photo: Twitter/Lockerz

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