Are the Real Housewives of New York City being replaced?

Sonja, Alex, Ramona, Cindy and Kelly at the RHONYC Season 4 Premiere Party

The New York Post is reporting that Bravo may be looking to replace the entire cast of The Real Housewives of New York City. That’s right, Cindy Barshop, Ramona Singer, Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, LuAnn de Lesseps, and Sonja Morgan would have to find something to do with their time other than get in fights in the Hamptons. Actually they would still do that but we wouldn’t know anymore!

According to their sources Bravo is looking for more affluent ladies that move in celebrity circles like the ones featured on the Beverly Hills version of the popular franchise. Two renowned Big Apple P.R. mavens Alison Brod and Di Petroff have been approached time after time to be on reality TV. Brod proved she would be great for the RHoNYC when she explained why she isn’t interested:

“I have turned down every reality show offer — a pink office with 50 girls is a big draw for development people. That said, being on the finale of ‘The City’ and my name being called a c u * t on ‘Entourage’ was enough buzz.”

Reality Tea isn’t so sure that all of the women will get the axe but that Cindy Barshop and an uninterestingly sane Kelly Bensimon could very well be gone. The NYC ladies have all been working on developing businesses outside of their roles on the show and are their own brand of a modern age cottage industry in a way. The ratings this year have been slightly up despite Bethenny Frankel’s departure so a full change would be surprising.

So if some alterations are made who would you like to see stay or go? As for me and my unhealthy crush on Sonja Morgan I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she stays.

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  • Joan

    ALL OF THEM. But if Alex stays, could they please buy her a bra? And if Kelly stays, can they please require that she go to a shrink (and show it on TV). And if Barfbagshop stays, can they please send me some Red Bull? And if Zarin stays, can them please send me a loaded gun?

    • debi

      bravo bravo! what a great idea-these women are so washed up no one cares what they do! whoever cast cindy should be fired-what a misfire that was! can not believe they kept kelly-another waste of airspace! despite all her protestations jill is still the most obnoxious woman i’ve ever seen & it’s rubbing off on the countess! alex is just meh! i find ramona & sonjia fun!

  • chris

    Replace them ALL–please–slow story lines-let me correct myself–NO story lines!

  • Vince

    Leave most except ….”the Countess”, Cindy and Kelly.. these three need to get their own show “Transvestites of New York”

    • Marci

      Too funny 🙂

      • debi

        very funny!

  • Hmmm

    Keep Alex & Sonja. Replace the rest.

  • Jane

    Keep everyone besides Jill, LuAnn and Kelly.

  • Mary Sicard

    Get rid of LuAnn. Tired of her telling everyone else how they should act!!!!!!

  • Yeah, this show is ready for new blood. The Countess is a fake, Jill is a moron, Sonja is crazy, Cindy is boring, Alex is too passive and Kelly is just plain scary… The only entertaining one is Ramona and she’s a little wacky.

  • toni

    The drama’s getting to be a joke. Its all unnecessary, they’re continuing old issues (like the jill vs. ramona) just to make something of it. It went way down hill after Bethenny left.

  • jj

    They all need to be replaced, the show has become a chore to watch. I don’t think i’ve made it through a whole episode this season. Its become a sad train wreck, the show needs new blood so that we can get a season or two before they start acting like they’re famous.

  • Bunky

    I agree,they should all go.

  • Barb

    Get rid of Kelly, Luann, Jill and Cindy. Keep Alex, Ramona and Sonja. Kelly needs mental help, if not for herself, then for her two daughters. Jill can’t seem to come up with anything interesting, and she’s alientated everyone. And I never did get Cindy. She has very small children, she should be spending her extra time with them, she shouldn’t be out with crazies who have nothing to offer.

  • Elle

    All of them need to go. they have run their old Woman course and it is time for younger “fresh” Woman! They are all boring and fake drama. Get a whole new cast Bravo!!! Or just cancel New York. But make sure to do it after you cancel the stupid Georgia show! That is the next one that needs to get the boot! like Washington DC. Some just don’t need to be around anymore.

  • Pamela

    Couldn’t get through a whole episode. Not one of them showed any redeeming qualities. I find Jill Zarin especially toxic and had to flip the channel every time LuAnn tried to sing. To say that she was “pitchy” would be kind. Replace them ALL!

  • Jane Cason

    I agree with the person who said NYC Housewives are becoming tedious to watch.

    Lou Ann thinks she’s God’s gift to the Universe and only really likes Jill because Jill is rich enough for her. She puts up with Sonya because Sonya has a famous last name and will probably end up wealthy.

    Jill is top dog but isn’t likable. Why did Jill feel the need to tell Alex she was a “F**king Bitch” Good for Alex for saying “you too”.

    Good for Alex for keeping on keeping on when she is treated so badly by ladies who get their kicks from kicking people when they’re down or not up to their wealthy standards. The ladies need lessons in decorum and how to speak and act like a lady.

    Kelly has several screws loose and proved it when she has said twice now that she was voted “most charitable” and “nicest person” from some unknown sources in some unknown contest nobody ever heard about. Does Kelly think we really believe that junk?

    I kind of like Ramona because she’s quick and says outrageous things, then apologizes later. What Ramona says is mostly true such as telling the “has-been” Countess she is condescending with all her “darlings…” and phony pretenses like telling that group of little black girls last year that some day they too could be wealthy too (or words to that effect).

    Sonya is outrageous and I almost like her but she is much too naked most of the time.

    That leaves Alex. I love Bethenny and Bethenny loves Alex (and Ramona), invited her to her wedding, Christening for Bryn, etc. So Alex has to be a little smarter than the rest and her English is certainly better. Bethenny does not suffer fools, i.e. Jill and Lou Ann.

    If the “Countess says “him and me are going to…..” one more time I’m gonna barf. Or how about “I’m married for 16 years”. There should be a “been” after “I’m” phony Lou Ann……….Such as “I’ve been married for 16 years”.

    Alex’s English is perfect and I should know because I teach languages in a local college. I cringe whenever one of the “so-called ladies” put Alex down because she makes more sense than they do. Lou Ann told her to go back into the cabinet she came from. Now *that* is not only mean, it is defining herself because she is the cockroach of the group – along with Kelly. Jane

  • jackie

    Send Alex and simon or is it simone packing, He is the biggest drama queen of them all, let them take Cindy along with them…

  • Marci

    Get rid of Kelly and Cindy. Bring in someone who will put Luman in her/his place and tell her (out load) she doesn’t know how to sing! The other one can catch Jill in all her lies and stop Luman always talking for her – they would tell her SHUT UP!!!!
    Just a thought 🙂

  • Cathy

    Please keep Ramona, Alex and Sonja. Get RID of the REST!!!