Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Marlo Hampton mug shot photos and arrest records

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Marlo Hamptons 7 mug shot photos from 1999-2003

35-year-old Marlo Hampton hasn’t even been officially announced as the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta yet and she’s already grabbing headlines! It’s hard to compete with Kim Zolciak giving birth, but having an extensive criminal record that includes seven mug shots in less than five years certainly comes close!

Before we get into Marlo mug shot mania, let me talk a little bit about her surprise addition to the real peaches of the ATL. Straight From the A broke the story on May 23rd, reporting that Marlo was “spotted at IIDA Georgia Chapter’s ‘Dressed in the Garden of Eden’ event at Piedmont park a few weeks ago with cameras in tow.” Marlo was with her fiance, NFL player Charles Grant, who made RHOA headlines when rumors spread that he was hooking up with NeNe Leakes thanks in part to a phone call from Kim Zolciak to Watch What Happens: Live with NeNe as a guest. (CLICK HERE to watch the clip. Strangely it’s a Bravo video that won’t embed?)

Marlo also has some money reportedly thanks to a rich Atlanta sugar daddy. Click here to find out who he is.

Marlo Hampton's fiance Charles Grant of the NFL

^ Marlo Hampton’s fiance Charles Grant at the New Orleans Saints’ 2008 Bayou Bling Charity Weekend Celebrity Basketball Charity Game held at the Lynwood Recreation Center in Atlanta on June 21, 2008. (Photo: Splash News)

Kim says early on in the conversation, “I don’t cheat on my man like you do.” Then, if you fast forward to the 3:00 (remaining) mark and if you can tune out NeNe’s patented repetitive hollering, you can hear Kim say, “You want to talk about personal life? How about I call up Charles [bleep] [inaudible] cheating on Greg in January?” So, in essence, Bravo is adding the fiancee of NeNe Leakes’ rumored mistress to the cast! THAT should provide some serious fireworks!

And speaking of fireworks, I’m sure there will be more of those when the topic of Marlo Hampton’s criminal past comes up! Between the 1999 and 2003 Marlo was booked seven times in Hillsborough County, Florida (Tampa) for crimes ranging from aggravated battery to bouncing a check. To be fair to Marlo, it appears that all of her appearances in front of the booking camera stem from an aggravated battery arrest in 1999 and subsequent incidents surrounding that arrest, including parole violations.

Marlo addressed the arrests and her disappointment that they are her first headline in a brief statement to Bossip:

“Let me first state that I am not ashamed of my past as that has helped me become a better woman today,” Marlo told BOSSIP in a statement. “We all have a past and my hard-knock childhood in and out of the Foster Care system is a reflection on a bigger issue we are faced with here in America, a broken Foster Care system. My present charge in life is to live with God in my heart and help young women especially from the foster care system avoid the challenges I faced. I’m more then just what is being said of me and I have a story to tell.”

I’m sure Bravo will give Marlo the opportunity to address her past with one of their one-on-one dinner or drinks scenes with another of the ladies in the cast. Until then all we have are the pictures and the arrest records! So, here are all of the (known) Marlo Hampton mug shot photos in chronological order with the charges for each booking:

RHOA's Marlo Hampton mug shot photo from her May, 1999 arrest for aggravated battery


May 26, 1999 arrest for Aggravated Battery / Great bodily harm with a weapon, which is a first degree felony. Marlo was 23-years-old and living in St. Petersberg at the time of her arrest. She was released later the same day on $5,000 bond. Her lawyer is listed as John Trivena. And since this is the first booking photo I will use this entry to say that Marlo’s full name is Marlo Patrice Hampton and her birthday is February 7, 1976.

We have new information that this incidence involved slashing a woman’s face, and that the victim committed suicide 6 years after the incidence, leaving behind a young son.

AReal Housewives of Atlanta's Marlo Hampton's mug shot photo from 1999


September 28, 1999 sentencing for her Aggravated Battery / Great bodily harm felony conviction. It appears as though the deadly weapon portion of the charges were dropped, which means Marlo’s conviction was for a second-degree felony instead of the first-degree felony she was initially charged with. Online records show Marlo was released on January 28, 2000.

Marlo Hampton of The Real housewives of Atlanta June, 2000 booking photo


June 19, 2000 Marlo is picked up for a parole violation stemming from her aggravated battery conviction. The online records do not list what the specific violation was, but it does say she was released on October 8, 2000 for time served.

Marlo Hampton mug shot photo from 2001 parole violation


February 14, 2001 On Valentine’s Day in 2001 Marlo violated her parole once again. She was released six days later.

Marlo Hampton's mug shot photo from her 2002 arrest for a bad check


September 9, 2002 Marlo is arrested for “Obtaining Property or Services in Return for Worthless Checks, Drafts, or Debit Card Orders (under $150),” which is a misdemeanor charge. She was released on bond the following day.

2002 mug shot photo of The Real hosuewives of Atlanta's Marlo Hampton


December 4, 2002 Marlo is picked up and charged with possession of a firearm, which is of course against the law for a convicted felon. She was released after nine days.

Booking photo for Marlo Hampton after she violated her parole on July 28, 2003


July 28, 2003 Another parole violation lands Marlo back in jail. Once again, there are no details available about the specific violation, but it says she was released 30 days later on August 27, 2003.


Here’s video of Marlo discussing her “couple run-ins with the law” on the Real Housewives of Atlanta:

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  • catdoc

    I thought this girl was a socialite of good upbringing? More Bravo crap.

  • Godinmyheart

    Why must people always judge people cause of there past when we really dont know the circumstances that led them to that point in their lives.If it was Lindsey Lohan or some other white female there wouldnt be so many negative comments. She deserves a chance
    to prove herself. God knows her heart and he is the judge not us. Go head Marlo do your thing and keep being positve and helping young girls so they dont make the same mistakes. You are an inspiration to some young girls and women somewhere. Esp. Foster care, like yourself.

    • TellItLikeItIsK

      I don’t judge criminals or peeople with a past…because I certainly have my own past. The thing is when you slash a women’s face then 6 years later she commits suicide, you should be ashamed. She isnt? Leaving a 6 year old boy behind. I have done some crazy shit in my day but to harm somebody else? YOU have more than a few screws loose. That is sick and disgusting. But good old god doesn’t judge, so keep trucking right, godinmyheart. WEll godinmyheart if she had done that to one of your family members you wouldn’t be so easy to forgive. I guess she gets a pass because she grew up in foster care. BS!!

      • Godinmyheart

        Ok “tell it like it is”. You arent God and u arent the judge so that’s your opinion. And this is mine…. Yes Ive had similar situation in my fam and we forgave and moved on because we, my family and I knew that the other person will have to live with that in their heart until they ask for God’s forgiveness or be judged by HIM when they died. So does that answer your question”tellitlikeitis”?

  • Mas

    Tellit, I’m with you. Really??? I don’t judge others’ past, but has she really learned anything from her past? Uh, from the looks of things, not really. Marlo is a “label wh0re” as NeNe puts it. How does she get her money? No place of employment, so she has to depend on others for her wealth. Doesn’t sound like an independent woman to me. From these mugshots, Marlo looked much better years ago. Why do they think all those surgeries make them look good. It makes women look like trann!es.

    • trill

      I thought Marlo was in her mid 40’s….

      • I too thought Marlo was in her late 40s..I was appalled to learn she is only 36…she must have had a hard life…if she has money like she claims she needs to invest some of her money on anti aging products or botox..her face looks hard…

        listen, marlo and nene makes a perfect match..marlo is a ex con and nene is a prostitute/stripper… but where they are most compatible is the fact that most nene and marlo is less than a woman and sell them self for money…there are low class the way with all the money nene and marlo has why is it that they cant even afford a home? barf!!

  • Bet

    Marlo has no place on the show. She is a violent women that trying to pass like she’s somebody. Like Kim says. God gaved her a hole and I guess she used it well. Take the xcon of the show.

    • bravo need to remove Marlo from off the show because all the other girl’s lives are at risk..this is not marlo’s past, this is who she is, even today…look at the episode where she brags and boast about how dangerous and violent she is…

  • Bet

    Excuse me Woman

  • Kendall


  • nene and marlo are so ignorant they have to yell and scream because they do not have the ability to have a mature and lady like conversation…which etiquette book is marlo reading? that’s rhetorical question… i really don’t care to know. marlo and nene are perfect for the wild life…they are not civilize and should not be mingling with classy people.

  • Miss.LoveTruth

    Jesus Bless u all!!! First off, let us keep it real. The Lord loves everyone on this planet,BUT he does not approve of SIN. Yes as an Christian first,we are commanded to love;but we must not turn a Blind-Eye to reality.

    Galatians Chapter 6:verses 7-8 states:Do not be deceived,GOD is not mocked; for whatever a man sows,this he will also reap. 8: For the one who sows to the flesh reap corruption,but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit eternal life.(New American Standard Version). Yes,I do read the King James version as well. There are other sciptures as well that will show that GOD did use people to judge.

    The law was made for the lawless. 2 Chronicles 19:7,Ecclesiastes 31:7,Isaiah 47:10-11,and John 7:24.

    Yes in the end,GOD is the FINAL Judge;but Saints of Jesus Christ will judge righteously with him. I have watched this show as a form of entertainment,but these ladies act worse than my Clients that I cousel.

    It doesn’t take us having our College Degrees; to see that Marlo is an hurt and insecure soul. It is an old saying: ‘It is the empthy wagon that makes a lot of noise’.

    Marlo is empty as well as Ne-Ne,and many of the other Housewives from the different franchises. Money is good to have,because we need it. But the LOVE of money is the root to all evil. Marlo seems to be Bipolar,Grandiose reality,and some other things. I hate labels, and only JESUS can get to the root of the problems. Seriously,she is out of place for going to that Africa trip and then to act like she knows this and that.

    She needs to learn to be quiet and humble. As a matter of fact,she should be the most humble on the show! It seems like she has a serious past/story,but guess what? So do many other people and you cannot through life being bitter and having a grandisose reality.

    Everyone be Blessed!


  • sweete

    Marlo a crazy bitch and need to be in jail

  • Every one deserve a chance a second chance to enjoy and live life. We don’t have the right to judge people by their past experiences. We’re only human.