Your cat has a secret obsession with a certain Purr-fume

Next time your in a department store, swing by the perfume section to pick up something for your cat. There’s a certain fragrance that has been proven to attract big cats, and small cats are supposedly intrigued by it too.

General curator for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo in New York Pat Thomas did an experiment in 2003 with a variety of popular perfumes to see which ones held the big cat’s attention for the longest. It’s actually an old zoo trick to spray perfume on rocks and trees to keep the animals from getting too bored, but some work much better than others. Your Cat: The Owner’s Manual author Dr. Marty Becker took this information to mean you can also spray this fragrance on say, a scratching post, or maybe a toy, to get your own kitty’s attention focused. I haven’t read the book, but he put this information out there on GMA, so we assume that he’s actually tried this on actual domesticated small kitty cats. He did write the book on cats, after all.

Soooo, what fragrance is it?

Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men!

You can really spoil your cat on special days like Christmas, or her birthday (perfume gifts pair nicely with diamond necklaces.) Jokes aside, this is pretty fascinating, and it’s worth a try.

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