World’s Ugliest Dog Top Pedigree 2009 Miss Ellie passes away

Miss Ellie

I had the joy of writing an article last year about Miss Ellie, the  pure breed Chinese crested hairless from Tennessee who took home top honors in the pedigree category at the 2009 Sonoma-Marin Fair’s Ugliest Dog Competition. Sadly, we just received notice that 16-year-old Miss Ellie passed away this week:

You reported last year about Miss Ellie the chinese crested dog winning the ugly dog contest… sadly she has passed away this week.. but her mission of helping animals has not died.. she is trying to raise 1 million dollars to help the local animal shelter build a new building. You can check out her mission at Anyone that followed this canine star knew how much she did for animals! She was on Animal Planet, a commerical, billboards, and even has a day named after her in Pigeon Forge, TN. She was a star and will always be remembered!

Miss Ellie was a charitable diva who didn’t enter dog contests to enrich herself, but to help less fortunate canines. She participated in the ugly dog contest twice to win money to help build a new animal shelter in her home town, and since she didn’t take home the grand prize (although she stole our hearts), she entered a cutest dog competition, getting top votes week after week. Miss Ellie was versitale!

When she wasn’t strutting for the judges, Miss Ellie spent her free time appearing at schools and nursing homes helping others and campaigning for her cause. She devoted her life to inspiring humans, as well as helping other animals. She raised over $30,000 last year, and although she could have splurged on a diamond-encrusted water bowl or switched to wearing only Chanel hair-bows, she contributed the funds towards the shelter.

Visit Miss Ellie’s website and contribute to help her legacy live on. Here’s the message posted there:

Miss Ellie passed away 5/29/10 at almost 17 years old. This past year she entered the cutest dog competition and placed in the finals, but didn’t win the million dollar prize. So this year she was going to enter the ugliest dog competition at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in CA to jump start her million dollar campaign. Even though she is gone now, her owner and canine companions will carry out her legacy of helping animals!

Here’s a video of Dawn talking about Miss Ellie’s noble mission:

Be sure to visit Miss Ellie’s web site and also sign up for her Facebook fan page!

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