Chrisley Knows Best’s Todd Chrisley divorced in 1996 after ‘domestic family violence’ charge

USA Todd Chrisley Knows Best

USA’s popular new reality show Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd Chrisley and his family of seven that includes his wife of 18 years, Julie Chrisley, and his children: Lindsie (24), Kyle (23), Chase (17), Savannah (16) and Grayson (7). It doesn’t take too much of a math genius to figure out that two of Todd’s children (Lindsie and Kyle) came along before he married his current wife Julie. So, was Todd Chrisley married before? Is he divorced?

The answer to those questions appears to be “yes.” According to online court records, Teresa Lynn Chrisley filed for divorce from Michael Todd Chrisley (his full name) in April of 1995. The divorce was uncontested and was granted the following year.

Of course, a simple divorce would seem a bit out of place for Todd Chrisley, who seems to have more skeletons in his closet than a medical school supply salesman. (Many speculate that Todd Chrisley’s skeletons aren’t the only thing in the closet, but Todd refutes those assumptions.) In November of 1994, less than six months before filing for divorce, Teresa was the plaintiff and Todd was the defendant in a “domestic family violence” case!

The case had a lot of activity (motions, orders, etc.) up through December of 1994. After a motion was filed on that date, there was a long gap (perhaps because of the imminent divorce filing?) before the next case activity on June 21, 1995. A Georgia RULE NISI (which essentially means a hearing was scheduled) was issued on July 13, 1995, and the next recorded activity in the case came on September 28, 1998 when it was closed.

Teresa, who lists her hometown as Seneca, South Carolina and whose maiden name was Teresa Terry, has since remarried (or at least changed her last name again) and relocated to Oklahoma with her new family.

Kyle Chrisley’s old Facebook page lists Teresa as his mother and his new one lists Teresa’s son as his brother. There is no similar connection made online between Teresa and Lindsie Chrisley.

USA officially announced yesterday that Chrisley Knows Best has been renewed for a second season — it is not known if his previous marriage to Teresa will be brought up in Season 2.

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