Whitney Thore immobile after back injury, vows to “take better care of my body from today on”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thore bikini

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore may have overdone it on the dance floor as she is apparently experiencing immobility due to a back injury. The 30-year-old YouTube sensation turned reality star first shared the news of her injury with her Facebook fans on Monday. “I hurt my back and haven’t been able to get out of bed for a day,” she wrote as part of a message expressing her appreciation for the positive responses from fans of the show.

Whitney posted again on Tuesday, this time revealing some details about her injury. “Nothing like a pinched nerve to make you value a shower and make you ache to be able to clean your room,” Whitney wrote. “Didn’t get much cleaning done but I DID take a shower and was even able to finally bend over. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make it to the doctor!”

Whitney responded to hundreds of get well wishes with some of her trademark TMI which I’m sure had Babs and Glenn shaking their collective heads. “Thanks y’all!” Whitney exclaimed. “I was also able to put on clothes for the first time in 2 days which I know my parents are happy about!”

As it turns out, Whitney was able to make it to the doctor the next day, and posted this update on Wednesday after visiting Meylor Chiropractic with her dance pal Todd:

One visit with Dr. Meylor and I’m feeling a bit better already! I have full confidence my milkshake will be bringing the boys (or you know, Todd) back to the yard soon! Thanks, Amber, for the recommendation! And thank alla y’all for the well wishes!!!#MyBigFatFabLife #FatGirlDancing #nobodyshame

Late Thursday night Whitney gave fans another update, this time revealing that her injury has motivated her to take better care of her body. She shared the text graphic below, featuring lyrics from the Sia song “Elastic Heart,” on Instagram along with a message:

Sia Elastic Heart lyrics

“I’m not one to really complain about personal stuff on social media, but my back is killing me,” Whitney began. “I made it up to go the bathroom and I was listening to this song. I wanted to dance, just to move to it and I can’t. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced immobility and the realization that I just can’t move right now affected me in a profound way and straight up reduced me to tears.”

Whitney adds, “I have a new sense of empathy for those of you with chronic pain and I’m vowing to take better care of my body from today on. Life without movement is not a life I want.” She finished by once again expressing her appreciation and gratitude for all the support and well wishes she has received from her fans. “As cheesy as it sounds, your kind words and messages really uplift me,” Whitney wrote. “Thank you from the bottom of my (elastic) heart.” She concluded with the hashtags #nobodyshame and #MyBigFatFabLife.

Get well soon Whitney!

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