What companies are still advertising on Jill & Jessa Counting On?

Jill and Jessa Counting On advertisers

As we reported last week, advertisers are bailing left and right on TLC’s new 19 Kids & Counting spin-off series Jill & Jessa: Counting On because of the Josh Duggar scandals. So, given the fact that most folks that would be offended by companies advertising on the show would never actually watch the show (right?), we though we would update everyone on which companies are still buying advertising during the hour-long program.

We DVRed Tuesday night’s episode and wrote down every advertisement during the show’s four lengthy commercial breaks. The results were very movie and TV show heavy with a couple of surprises that included Disney’s new Jungle Book movie and Logo’s new Gay For Play Game Show starring RuPaul. Doe sRuPaul know his show is being advertised on a Duggars program?! Do the Dugars know a RuPaul show is being advertised on their program?!?

Anyways… Here is a complete list of all the commercials, which included two lengthy sneak peeks at TLC’s new series, Two In A Million:

Walt Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu-Ray
Universal Pictures movie The Boss starring Melissa McCarthy
Credit Repair Pros
The Travel Channel show Expedition Unknown
Expedia for St. Jude Children’s Hospital
TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are?
TLC’s Long Lost Family
TLC’s What If We Get Married?


Open Road Films movie Mother’s Day starring Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston
Oxygen show Quit Your Day Job
TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are?
TLC’s Long Lost Family
TLC’s Two In A Million sneak peek


TLC’s Long Lost Family
TLC’s What If We Get Married?
Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book
Fox show American Idol
Logo show Gay For Play Game Show starring RuPaul
Discovery show Deadliest Catch
TLC’s Two In a Million sneak peek

Logo Gay For Play Game Show Starring RuPaul


TLC’s The Willis Family
TLC’s Counting On
Dole’s Fruitocracy
Universal Pictures movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War
MLB Extra Innings from DirecTV
Concussion movie on DirecTV Cinema
TLC “Give A Little” PSA
TLC’s What If We Get Married?

So Comcast/NBCUniversal (owners of Universal Pictures and Oxygen) purchased three spots and both Walt Disney and DirecTV purchased two each. The only non-TV and non-movie paid advertisements were for Credit Repair Pros, Match.com and the Dole drink Fruitocracy.

We will follow up next week to see if there are any notable changes.

On another note, ratings for Jill & Jessa: Counting On have fallen dramatically! The premiere episode brought in over 1.9 million viewers on March 15, but last night’s showing was down to 1.3 million. Perhaps the advertising boycott issue will soon be moot.

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