VIDEO: J. Lo Hosts Saturday Night Live

FP_IMAGE_4561431/FP_SET_4560905In what must have been some kind of favor, Jennifer Lopez, or J. Lo, hosted Saturday Night Live last night. As far as this season goes, it was a step above the dreadful January Jones episode and maybe on par with the season opener, Megan Fox. The writing staff just didn’t know what to do with J.Lo, making her a Latina stereotype in a lot of her sketches. Then again, it doesn’t help that her delivery is often pretty wooden. Check out the below sketch of her as a Telemundo anchor, saved by the always wonderful Fred Armisen:

Jennifer kind of faded out of the spotlight for a while after her single “Loubotons” flopped and she was dropped from her record label, but the New York Daily News reports that she’s signed a new record deal, with her album Love? to be released this summer. She also has a new film, The Back Up Plan, to be released in theaters on April 23.

But, with this tepid performance on SNL, a humiliating fall on the American Music Awards and the apparent lack of interest in her music, has J.Lo’s time passed? She’s already extremely wealthy and seen a lot of success, but could it be that it’s time for her to lead a chill life as wife and mother to her twins? I think J.Lo has too much ambition to stay out of the game for too long, but it’s possible that the public will have moved on.

Here’s Jennifer’s monologue from last night, once again only made funny by the SNL players:

Image: Fame Pictures

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