VIDEOS PHOTOS: Miss USA 2010 Q and As and after ceremony live feed.

Miss Michigan Rima Fakih reacts after being crowned Miss USA during the 2010 Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas

The 2010 Miss U.S.A. pageant concluded with the coronation of Miss Michigan Rima Fakih.  Rima was certainly worthy of the crown for the show that took place at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada May 16, 2010.  Fakih narrowly beat out Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard for the title. 

One of the more interesting aspects of these pageants is the question and answer portion of the ceremony.  Here is the video clip from the final 5 Q and A battle of supreme beauty intelligence:

Wait was that Oscar from The Office quizzing the runner-up Miss Oklahoma on the Arizona immigration law?  Johnny Weir threw a fruity hardball at Miss Colorado and she didn’t do too well.  Poor little miss Mile High and Miss Maine had to wait patiently for Melania Trump to get all of her words out but she handled the question well.

Miss Michigan Fakih stands with Miss Oklahoma Woolard during the 2010 Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas

Following up on the Q and A from our lovely ladies of the U.S. of A. is a live streaming video that was taken on stage after the announcement of the winner Rimah Fakih.  You can get a little taste of the pageant life as gowns scurry back and forth and uncomfortably wide smiles bombard your periphery while Trace Adkins chats it up:

Well now that you have a taste of the beauty pageant life what do you think?  Oh yeah don’t forget to check out our post of the infamous Vegas lingerie pic and video!