VIDEOS: Lakers fans are a riot

The L.A. Lakers beat the Boston Celtics in game 7 of the NBA finals to win the 2010 World Championship last night and as you might have expected, the fans took to the streets and “celebrated” by tearing the City of Angels a new one. 

The violently destructive scene was déjà vu for the residents of Tinsel Town, who witnessed pretty much exactly the same thing when the the Lakers took home the trophy in 2009. Forget Disneyland, the Annual L.A. Riots are well on their way to being the biggest tourist attraction in the Golden State!

Here for your viewing pleasure and dismay is a gallery of Laker fan rioting videos from last night’s “celebration.”  I double-checked and made sure they were in fact from this year. $5 to the first person to spot a celebrity!

Well-shot street view:

Roof-top view:

Destroying random items:

Man on the street, windows being shattered:

Was anyone else thinking of Kurt Russell’s campy classic Escape From L.A. while watching those videos?

It looks like it would be better for L.A. if the Lakers did a Clippers impersonation by avoiding the playoffs altogether.  Speaking of the Clippers, here is their usual reaction after some other team once again wins the NBA championship.