VIDEOS Amber Portwood shows off home office, HUGE collection of autographed guitars

Amber Portwood autographed guitar collection

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood surprised fans earlier today when she took them on a video tour of her home office and revealed that she and fiancé Matt Baier have an AMAZING collection of autographed guitars and other music memorabilia!

“My office at home for my boutique ?” Amber captioned the first video, which was posted to Twitter and Instagram. “I love it!!” she adds, “Sending love you guys? #veryblessed”

Amber seemed surprised by folks’ reactions to all of the guitars, and she interacted with some of the commenters on Instagram:

COMMENTER: you need some of The Beatles stuff to complete that room!! ?

AMBER: I have Paul McCartney ?

C: never heard you talk about music?

A: it’s in my book how important music has been to me?

C: better hope u never have a break-in

A: well I have a lot of animals who don’t like strangers and a Rottweiler who well you know lol

C: that really a Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar?

A: yes!! That one is Matt’s…I’m waiting on my BB King?

C: a music fanatic also! U should take lessons on an instrument, if u don’t know how to play already! Very therapeutic!!!?

A: I learned to play drums by my brother when I was younger!!? There’s a lot people don’t know about me?

C: Work desk????? Office?????

A: yes Hun I run 3 businesses on the side as well ?

After all of the surprised reactions, Amber posted another video showing more of her collection and wrote: “Why the questions loves? I don’t get to share everything about me on Teen Mom lol? sending love and Good morning!!”

Judging from the two video clips, here is a partial inventory of Amber and Matt’s collection:

Guitars (most autographed):
Stevie Ray Vaughan “Number One” replica (not signed I assume)
Pete Townsend
Neil Young
Paul McCartney
Cyndi Lauper
Van Halen
Black Sabbath
Paul Simon
Cat Stevens
Alice In Chains (Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell…)

Amber Portwood's Stevie Ray Vaughan replica guitar

Framed autographed materials:
The Runaways
Michael Jackson Bad
Tommy Lee
Coheed And Cambria

Lunch boxes
U2 Joshua Tree
Bettie Page
Elvis Presley

Collectible figures:
Spinal Tap
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Signed microphones:
Baba Booey

Amber also has a collection of framed book covers, including the two versions of her Never Too Late as well as Matt’s forthcoming memoir You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life. What is very interesting to me, and quite easy to miss, is that there is also a framed book cover for the book that Matt wrote under the name Grey Baker about a boy who had been sexually abused titled Guys Don’t Rat On Guys. (You can read more about that here.) That in itself isn’t that interesting, but the framed book cover is different from the original book cover, and it lists Matt Baier as the author. Could it be that Matt plans to republish the book under his own name?

Here’s a screen grab tweaked a bit in Photoshop to square it up:

Matt Baier book Guys Dont Rat On Guys originally published under the name Grey Baker

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