VIDEO Why was YouTuber Elijah Daniel kicked out of Vidcon?


Elijah Daniel, the gay straight-man of the hilarious “Elijah and Christine” YouTube channel, got kicked out of Vidcon today.

Here’s some footage of the YouTuber being escorted out of a Vidcon venue:

Elijah didn’t explain why, but followed up with, “SHOUTOUT TO THE WOMAN WHI WORKS AT @VIDCON WHO JUST F**KING GRABBED MY WRIST IN FRONT OF 50 FANS AND SAID I WASNT INVITED LMAO.” His fans were quite upset about the incident, so they started a petition to unban him on a styrofoam takeout container.

After he was no longer welcome at the video festival, Elijah didn’t let his setback stop him from living it up at fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau’s birthday party. You can see the party continue tonight on Snapchat as Tana, Elijah, and their crew are getting crazy with a dildo and a live snake in Tana’s hotel room.

Elijah’s other half Christine has been visiting family in Chicago for about 3 weeks. It’s been far too long since they uploaded a new vlog together, and about a month since they dropped their second song, “Shooketh (ft lil aaron.)”

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