VIDEO: Watch Scarlett Johansson’s Psycho shower scene in Hitchcock trailer

Earlier this year we got to see Anthony Hopkins’ transformation into Alfred Hitchcock for the upcoming film Hitchcock, about the making of Psycho. Now with the release of the trailer, we get to see Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, reenacting the famous shower death scene.

Helen Mirren also stars as Hitchcock’s wife, and Jessica Biel plays Vera Miles, an actress who often worked with Hitchcock.

It’s a film about the making of a film, which could be awesome if they do it right. According to press releases, it’s also a love story, but not about a new, burgeoning love, but about Hitchock’s 53-year-marriage to Alma. Director Sacha Gervasi told Entertainment Weekly 

 “I think Alma accepts Hitch for exactly who he is and knows his idiosyncrasies and his crazy predilections,” says Gervasi. “She allows him to have his obsessions and I think our movie is about a point where they sort of escalate. Their marriage is absolutely touched off by his increasing obsessions with these women, but they were ultimately fantasy relationships. Hitch lived in this world of fantasy; to him it was more real than real life. And I think Alma was able to kind of, in this film at least, smash it down a little bit.”

The movie’s based on Stephen Rebello’s  Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho.

What do you think of Scarlett’s scream? It is authentic to the original?