LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Angela’s fiance Tony arrest details, mug shots

Love After Lockup Angela Tony

WE tv’s new prison romance reality series Love After Lockup turned four weeks old tonight, and viewers FINALLY get to meet Angela and her incarcerated fiance Tony. We previously shared some information about Angela in an in-depth profile post, and now we have some details on Tony’s (real name Antonio) rather extensive criminal history.

Teen robbed at gunpoint by teen pot buyer he planned to rob

Waco teen robber robbed by robbing pot buyer in marijuana deal that never was

A lack of honor among thieves can start at a very young age, as evidenced by the fact that police in Waco, Texas are currently looking for a juvenile suspect who allegedly robbed another juvenile at gunpoint during a drug deal that never was. The victim told police that he arranged to sell marijuana to a heavyset acquaintance, but his plan to “grab the potential weed buyer’s money and then outrun the heavyset customer” went south when the “buyer” pulled out a gun on him and stole his phone!

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Taco Bell selling Twix and Kit Kat quesadillas called Chocoladillas for $1

Taco Bell Kit Kat Chocoladilla chocolate quesadilla

There is no doubt that Taco Bell is the king of food mash ups, and for their latest offerings, the fast food chain is selling Twix and Kit Kat Chocoladillas. The $1 menu items are pretty much exactly what they sound like: quesadillas with melted Twix or Kit Kat bars instead of cheese. Have you ever heard of anything more ridicu… GIMME SOME! NOW!

Woman who miscarried after being shot at her gender reveal party wasn’t pregnant, made national headlines before

Cheyanne Willis pregnant

On July 8 one person was killed and eight others were injured when two hooded gunmen walked through the front door of a house during a gender reveal party near Cincinnati and opened fire on the attendees. No suspects have been arrested, and police have just announced that their investigation has been held up by false information, including the fact that the woman hosting the gender reveal party wasn’t even pregnant! And that’s just the beginning, as the woman, 21-year-old Cheyanne Willis, reportedly has a history of pregnancy hoaxes and is also no stranger to national headlines involving violent attacks.