VIDEO Street Outlaws: New Orleans’ Kye Kelley Facebook AMA highlights


Ahead of tonight’s season finale of Street Outlaws: New Orleans, street racer Kye Kelley was kind enough to slow down for a bit and do a Facebook Ask Me Anything.

Here’s some of the highlights…

On the likelihood of a season 2:

I think it’s looking pretty good. Our ratings were good because of you guys and I appreciate that. Thanks for supporting us. If we do get a season 2, which I think we will, we’re gonna give it all we got. First season we were a little nervous but now we got all that out of the way. I think season 2 would be bad a**.

Interest in running with Big Chief again:

I’m ready to run Chief whenever he wants to run. My car’s always sittin’ on go.

Would he give up The Shocker for married life:

Married life would never make me sell my car. I don’t know what you’re thinking.

Is his ride a Pro Mod:

No. My car is not a Pro Mod. It is actually classified as a Super Gas car in the NHRA.. . If something happens to my car I’ll probably build a Pro Mod like everybody else, but for now, I’m gonna keep my car until people start beating me. I like the way my car looks. It actually looks like a street car. I don’t have an extended front end and all that crazy sh*t.

His estimated dollar value of The Shocker:

I’ve probably got $200,000 in my car over the years. You know, changing things back and forth… But if I was to put a price on my car right now, as it sits, I’d say $160,000.

Kye Kelley live ask me anything !!!

Posted by Street Outlaws: New Orleans on Monday, April 11, 2016

What Kye’s first race car was:

My first race car was a ’65 Chevy II / Nova with a small block.

His thoughts on going small tire with The Shocker:

One day I might actually put The Shocker on a small tire. That thing hooks on spit now. I really, truly believe it would hook on a small tire.

On why he considers what he does street racing:

It don’t matter if we drive it on the street or not, we’re still forcing 2,000 horsepower down a street. So, what would you call it? Is that fake street racing? I don’t think so.

Why they run an 1/8th mile:

We run at a 160 to 180 miles an hour. Could you imagine going faster than that on a street? That’s like a death wish.

Has Kye ever flipped:

No. I’ve never flipped. I flipped an every day driver one time, broke my neck when I was 18-years-old. I’ve never flipped racing a car.

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