VIDEO Six seasons of Lost’s Hurley saying “Dude!”

Hurley and The Dude

Remove sexiness from the equation and undoubtedly hefty Hugo “Hurley” Reyes is the greatest character to emerge from the six seasons of ABC’s Lost – and that’s coming from someone who thinks there are a LOT of great characters to emerge from the six seasons of ABC’s Lost!

John Locke is a close second, but he just can’t hang with the cuddly mass of Shaggy and Scooby-Dooness that is Hurley! He won the lottery, bought a fried chicken restaurant chain and he was the only one to realize how integral Volkswagen vans are to the inner workings of the cosmos!

But, perhaps most importantly, Hurley had the power to reel in the sometimes absurd and borderline over-the-top plot twists of the show, and he did it with a single four-letter word…

Forget “the numbers,” the only supernatural indication we need to realize the importance of Hurley is how great his name sounds when plugged into The Banana Song:

Hurley Burly Fo-Furley.


Source: Jezebel
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