VIDEO: News reporter live Frogger skateboard FAIL

News reporter Charley Belcher headed out to the Skatepark of Tampa on July 13th for a little live TV.  What happened after that will go down in the news reporter FAIL hall-of-fame.  In the following clip watch poor Charley attempt to navigate himself through a sea of skateboarders on a half-pipe to ask some bearded old dude why he is hanging out with kids at said skatepark.  

This is real life Frogger and some poor kid pays the price:

“This is like human Frogger trying not to get hit. Oh Gosh!” – Charley Belcher

SPLAT!  The world may never know why Charley simply didn’t walk around the half-pipe.  If you’re wondering if Mr. Belcher was a little over zealous because of the collision or if this is his usual M.O. here is a clip from just a little later on that morning that would make one believe the latter.  He actually makes a reference to doing a little better inside.  Poor, poor Charley:

You can check out Charley’s profile from Fox 13 here.  He also has a Facebook fan page called Charley’s World.  There doesn’t seem to be any mention of the Frogger FAIL on the Fox site or via his Facebook page.  If I were Charley that would be the first thing folks see.