4-year-old Bobby Tufts re-elected mayor of Dorset, Minnesota

Bobby Tufts Dorset, Minnesota
Robert “Bobby” Tufts is going to have a particularly distinguished college application when that time comes… 14 years from now. Just four years old, the Minnesota cutie has twice been elected mayor of his small town, Dorset.

“He’s been pretty good. Lotta PR for the town,” said his mother, Emma Tufts, told The Associated Press upon Bobby’s first election last year. “I think he’s doing a fine job.”

Bobby’s re-election was announced on Sunday when his name was randomly pulled from a hat. He was previously elected last year when he was just three years old.

Bobby doesn’t have any official duties as mayor of Dorset, which hasn’t had an official government since it was incorporated into a larger town. However, he did make a few campaign promises, including making ice cream more readily available “because it tastes good.”

The tiny mayor was re-elected to his second term during his town’s annual Taste of Dorset. Unlike in other elections, citizens were actually encouraged to vote early and vote often — each visit to the ballot cost $1, which helps fund the town’s festival.

Also unlike other elections, any living resident of Dorset can campaign for mayor. One of the previous candidates was a dog… Speaking of which, maybe Anthony Weiner should consider moving to Minnesota!

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