Watch Online Complete Jersey Shore Episode 5 “Just Another Day at the Shore”

MTV's Jersey Shore cast

Were you too busy partying New Year’s Eve and missed out on the latest misadventures of America’s most and least favorite Guidos and Guidettes? Not to worry! Thanks to and the folks over at MTV, you can watch Jersey Shore Episode 5 “Just Another Day at the Shore” any time you want, as many times as you want!

The fifth episode picks up immediately after the infamous Snooki Punch where we get to see an enraged Vinny almost get arrested, “The Situation” not letting his roommate’s misfortune interfere with his creeping and Snooki bleeding in the bathroom repeatedly pleading, “Oh my God, please don’t tell me I have missing teeth!”

(MTV keeps taking this down and putting it back up, so if it’s currently down you can Episode 5CLICK HERE and buy the single episode from and watch it instantly for $1.99.)

As for the rest of the episode, Ronnie’s parents and younger brother arrive at the beach house and are forced to wait for Sammi “Sweetheart,” who is taking her own sweet time finishing her makeup. The girls go to a tanning booth while DJ Pauly sets up a DJ-ing gig at the club Karma.

In an attempt to make Snooki (“Snookers”) feel better, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino prepares a surf and turf dinner with steak and lobster. No one offers to help him prepare the meal and tensions rise when he refuses to clear off his own plate from the table and tries to guilt Sammi into doing it. Ronnie diffuses the bomb by clearing the table himself.

In one of the many, many, many great quotes from this episode Snooki seems offended that she was asked to help prepare the live lobsters and says, “That’s why I don’t eat frickin’ lobster or anything like that – because they’re alive when you kill it.” Perfect! Later, after having difficulty eating some steak because of her punch injury, Snooki says, “I tried to eat but I couldn’t get it in my frickin’ mouth because I’m disabled.” There is absolutely no doubt who the star of this show is!

Snooki is saddened and mad at Ronnnie after the lake party was cut short

Next, the cast heads out for a trip to “F Cove” aboard a boat with the phonetic fail “Furgetabowdit” as a name. Everybody’s partying and having a good time except Ronnie, who’s “Joe stick in the mud” now that he’s in love with Sammi. He tosses Snooki in the water and everybody goes home.

The Situation puts in some hard work on the duck phone and gets a trio of girls to commit to coming over, but they turn out to be a little more ladylike than the boys are accustomed to. I’ll let Pauly explain: “Stephanie, Jenn and Jackie, they’re cool girls. They’re smart and everything but they want to hook up just as well. But I think it will take a couple times seeing them to hook up. They’re not like wh**es.”

Meanwhile Jenni and Snooki are hanging out at a club when some other girl asks JWoww, “Who’s your fat friend?” in reference to Snooki. JWoww goes into “Oh no she di-unt!” mode and tosses her drink in the girls face before proceeding to punch and pull her hair in a real-deal Jersey cat fight! (Unlike the Snooki Punch, which was more like a Jersey cat and Mack truck fight.)

J-Woww attacks another girl after she called Snooki fat

DJ Pauly D busts out his DJ equipment and spins discs at Karma while the cast gets Guido jiggy with it. Ronnie and Sammi get bored and head home early for some love and “smushin’.” Jenni gets some rare blue roses from her boyfriend Tom and the other guys in the house make fun of him. Then, closing out the episode, Vinny accidentally takes an older woman home who had gone to the bar originally with Danny, the owner of the beach house the cast is staying in and the t-shirt shop the cast is working at!

Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D lives up to his name at the club Karma

Stay tuned, the action continues next week with more bar brawls and Guido drama! Until then, here are a couple bonus clips from MTV:

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