VIDEO QVC rule # 2,475: If co-host passes out do not stop selling – EVER

Some folks are dedicated to their jobs, and then there is the unmatched devotion of the QVC on-air salesperson.

In the following clip, Cassie Slane passes out on camera while co-hosting a segment looking to sell some tablets. Dan Hughes was riding shotgun and dude didn’t miss a step as he continued to laud the propers for the FunTab Pro for children. That’s right, I dropped a product name, the least I could do considering Cassie went under trying to make it rain for her sales quota.

Check it out!

That was actually really scary as Cassie grabbed her chest and started to fall towards Hughes. He quickly asks if she’s all right as the camera cuts to the product and then without hesitation he goes right back to pitching the item.

Slane – a mother of three – took to her Facebook page to let folks know she was feeling okay. Slane’s replacement for the segment, Carolyn Gracie, said of the incident that, “She had a couple of fainting spells due to low blood sugar. Poor thing. She is such a nice girl.”

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