VIDEO PHOTOS Yeah, Christie Brinkley’s still got it – dances, looks awesome on GMA

Christie Brinkley in a red dress on Good Morning America

57-year-old Christie Brinkley was on Good Morning America yesterday to promote her role in the Broadway musical version of Chicago and the blond former supermodel extraordinaire left male whiplash victims in her wake as she made her way to the ABC studios in a bright red, form-fitting Herve Leger dress! (Click image above to enlarge.)

But Christie didn’t just look good walking and bending over to fix her heel, she also looked good doing some fancy dance moves as she demonstrated what play-goers can expect when they come out to the show:

They need to bottle up that sexy bunch of red yum and label it Heinz 57 Saucy! I’d eat just about anything with THAT poured all over it!

Here’s a loooooooooooooooong parting shot of Christie showing those young female whippersnappers how it’s done!

Christie Brinkley in a stunning red Herve Leger dress on Good Morning America

****If seeing these images and the video have you a bit buzzed and you’re worried about driving, you can easily sober up by remembering this “Uptown Girl” was married to Billy Joel for nine years. Here’s Christie dancing in the music video for Billy Joel’s 1983 smash hit “Uptown Girl:”

Christie assures us that her dance moves have gotten better, and we have to agree!

Photos: J.B Nicholas / Splash News