PHOTOS Kate Gosselin at Kentucky Derby in a vulture feather lampshade hat

Kate Gosselin's black feather hat at the Kentucky Derby

Today was the running of the 137th Kentucky Derby and we all know what that means: The most important horse race of the year on the most famous racetrack in the country HATS! The royal wedding had its fair share of flamboyant dome toppers, but nothing can compare to the mint julep-inspired head attire worn by the belles of Kentucky Downs!

Numerous celebrities make the trek down to the Bluegrass State to partake in the equine festivities and hat fiesta. Among those in attendance this year was the reality show maven who has almost as many kids as there were horses in the race, Kate Gosselin!

Kate Gosselin arrives at the 2011 Kentucky derby in a huge black feathered hat

The divorced mother of eight has had a rough couple years, surviving not only her very public and very tumultuous divorce from ex-husband Jon Gosselin, but also a less-than-graceful appearance on Dancing With The Stars. But say what you will about the 36-year-old’s abrasive personality, she has gone through a dramatic physical makeover and looks fantastic! Except when she chooses to wear Addams Family vulture feather lamp shade headgear…

Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin in a black feather hat at the Kentucky Derby

Ummmmm… Could it be that Kate has actually developed a sense of humor about her villainesse image? Or was it just a slightly macabre aesthetic that transformed Kate Gosselin into Kate Gothelin?

And just in case the hat is making it difficult for you to understand my complimentary approach to Kate’s new look, here’s a photo of her from the day before at the 2011 Barnstable-Brown Gala in Louisville:

Kate Gosselin at the 2011 Barnstable-Brown Gala in Louisville

Despite the different look, don’t think for a second that the old Kate Gosselin America grew to love and then get a little tired of isn’t still there! Here’s a photo that should bring back memories (or flashbacks if you’re Jon Gosselin)

Kate Gosselin makes a funny face at the 2011 Barnstable-Brown Gala

Ah Kate, you know I’m just pickin’ on ya! You look great – almost like Kendra Wilkinson’s older sister. Shoulda brought the kids though – you know they would have had a blast at the track!

Photos: C.Smith/