PHOTOS My Zombie Pinup 2010 wall calendar

2010 My Zombie Pinup calendar cover

Welcome to a world where beauty eats braaaaiinns! Following on the heels of the successful 2009 12-month zombie babe effort, has a brand new batch of foolish ghoulish make-you-droolish drop undead gorgeous rotted hotties for their 2010 My Zombie Pinup wall calendar! Straight out of a Cryptoria’s Secret catalog, these yummy unwrapped mummies pose and decompose in various hilarious scenes ranging from the beaches of Zanzibar to the hood of a racing car.

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Photos: Barcroft/Fame Pictures
The calendar retails for $19.99. Click HERE to check for a listing on amazon – there isn’t one at the time of this post, but I’m guessing it will pop up soon!

To see more zombabes from this season’s calender, including Rosie Riveted and Annie Croakly, check out!

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