VIDEO PHOTOS Jessica Halter arrested at Ohio prom for drunkenly assaulting a police officer

Jessica Halter mug shot

18-year-old Jessica Halter of North Ridgeville High School in Ohio wasn’t about to let ANYTHING get in the way of her enjoying her senior prom, and “anything” included sobriety and police officers!

According to the Lorain Police Department report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Jessica was approached by an officer working the event after school officials received numerous complaints that she was “highly intoxicated.” Jessica responded to the complaints with what could become the mantra of senior high school girls from now until eternity:

“This is my f**king prom, this is bulls**it.”

That’s when the real fun began:

After refusing to take a Breathalyzer test, Halter attempted to swing a chair at cops, and then began “smacking her forehead into the chair handle causing her nose to bleed.” While being handcuffed, Halter “began kicking, screaming, spitting and thrashing about.” As she was walked out of DeLuca’s catering hall, Halter–screaming obscenities–“let her legs go limp,” so officers had to carry the teen to a patrol car. That is when Halter “cleared her throat and spit a bloody ball of spit” at Officer Kyle Gelenius, whose name tag was ripped from his uniform by Halter during the confrontation. Seated in the back of the cruiser, Halter “continued to spit blood on the windows, the divider, and the roof,” and kicked the vehicle’s window.

After all of that and her hair still had body! Kudos Jessica!

This once again proves that there are three days you DO NOT mess with a woman: her prom, her wedding, and once a month every month.

Before Jessica Halter was trying out for Tarrantino’s Natural Prom Killers, she was a beautiful young lady who looked much better in front of the lens of a professional than she did posing down at the jail. Here is a video montage from that features Jessica from 2009 in a number of lovely, non-threatening poses:

You can see still images of Jessica at Mark Rowe’s old blog, including one of her running down the sidewalk in a billowing blue gown!
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