VIDEO PHOTOS Is Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller engaged?

Abby Lee Miller engagement ring fiance Michael Padula

Controversial Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller appeared on The Wendy Williams Show Tuesday to promote her new show, Abby’s Studio Rescue, and talk about an array of topics including her unpleasant Dancing With The Stars experience, how she is portrayed on her shows, and her rumored engagement to hunky beau Michael Padula.

Here’s a clip:

Rumors have been flying about Abby Lee Miller being engaged to A+E (which owns Lifetime) exec (and dancer!) Michael Padula ever since Abby posted a photo (below) of the two of them on instagram in January and captioned it, “I do!!!” Abby fueled the rumor flames with two more photos shortly after — one of Michael in a gray suit which she captioned, “I like you in gray but I think we’ll stick w/ a classic black tux, or maybe a white dinner jacket? Until tomorrow!” and another of the two of them shopping for dishes, which she explained by writing, “Had 1 hour between @theview and the airport -never thought I would be picking out China patterns?”

Abby Lee Miller fiance Michael Padula_
^ Abby posted the photo above of her and Michael on instagram in January and wrote, “I do!!! @michael_padula #dancemoms #aldc”

Never one to beat around the bush, Wendy Williams asked Abby if she and Michael are engaged, sharing the instagram photo at the top of this post in which it appears as though Abby is wearing an engagement ring. Abby seemed uncharacteristically awkward and avoided answering the question directly. “Isn’t he cute?” she asked before adding, “You know what? That’s Michael, but I have a lot of hot men in my life! I surround myself with beautiful men.”

“But I want to be specific about the one that you’re intimate with,” Wendy says. “Is this Michael?” A nervous Abby laughs a bit too loudly. “Are you trying on engagement rings there?” Wendy asks. “I see an engagement ring.”

“Well, I am,” Abby says, “but I just can’t find — I want, like, a metal, like, a big, thick chunky modern contemporary band.”

Wendy then draws the same conclusion as I did. “So, in other words, Abby’s getting married!”

“Maybe,” Abby says. “We rushed into things because my mom was ill,” she adds, referring to her late mother, Maryen Lorrain Miller, who passed away in February at the age of 86. “I think it was kind of, like, she would be at peace if she knew I had someone to take care of me, you know? My mom and dad were older when they had me, and they raised me to be very independent.”

Wendy then asks, “Is he much younger than you?”

“No!” was Abby’s response. “BUT! But, I, yeah, well — I can’t say.”

Abby Lee Miller Michael Padula together

Hmmmm… It sounds to me like Abby is waiting for her official announcement until it airs on one of her shows! It seems like an odd fit, but perhaps it will be Abby’s Studio Rescue? tune in and find out when it premieres Tuesday, June 24 at 9/8c on Lifetime!

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