Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino engaged to Lauren Pesce, according to his lawyer

Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce

Well, this is a nontraditional engagement announcement if I’ve ever heard one: Jersey Shore‘s Mike Sorrentino was scheduled for arraignment in New Jersey on Oct. 6 for his tax fraud charges. However, according to TMZ, The Situation successfully petitioned for a date change… Because he’s going to be filming Marriage Boot Camp with his “fiancée,” Lauren Pesce!

Although Mike hasn’t spoken out, I doubt the lawyer would have lied about the whole “fiancée” thing because it’s wise for Mike to stay in the judge’s good graces. Lauren also seemed to confirm her newly engaged status on Sept. 27 when she retweeted a message to her about having a fiancé. So, congrats!

The apparent engagement isn’t a huge surprise, considering Mike’s recent comments about his relationship with Lauren, the former college sweetheart he rekindled things with after sobering up.

“There could be an engagement in the near future,” he told Life & Style in July. “I’m planning it in my head. I would like to make it very special and a day she would never forget. I would like three children, two boys and a girl. And two dogs!”

Mike and Lauren are due to film Marriage Boot Camp between Oct. 5 and Oct. 19. No word on when it will air… Or when the wedding will be!

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