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Drew Ginsburg, Most Eligible Dallas

Drew Ginsburg wants you to know that he is not going to play the drama queen on Bravo’s new show, Most Eligible Dallas. He’s gay and so far out of the closet that he can’t see the door when he looks over his shoulder, but he is, as his official Bravo bio puts it, “more into cars that couture.” He’s the gay guy on the show, sure, but he’s also a manly man’s man.

Drew Ginsburg Bravo profile photoThe only problem with presenting himself as a tough guy is that, also according to Bravo, Drew “wears his heart on his sleeve.” Translation: he’s going to fall apart at least once this season.

And, as it turns out, we don’t even have to wait for it. Even in the scant few seconds of footage that we get in the video promos for the show, it is clear that Drew is as sweet and lovely as he is twisted up in emotional knots. There’s a vulnerability in those eyes that no Maserati can disguise.

I’m not saying that Drew doesn’t have things in his life that warrant a dramatic response. Far from it. Like all of the other cast members of Most Eligible Dallas, Mr. Ginsburg has a lot going on.

First of all, Drew is the heir apparent to his father’s automobile dealership empire, the Boardwalk Auto Group. The group includes Dallas dealerships for Ferrari, Maserati, and Porsche, and Drew’s father built the whole thing himself.

After law school at Georgetown, Scott Ginsburg spent years working for congress in Washington, and then came back to Dallas with a business plan to build several radio stations. By 1997 the media business was a huge and wild success, so Drew’s Dad turned his talent and energy into purchasing a Porsche dealership. Nine additional dealerships later, and here we are. And Drew (and his brother) are inheriting the whole thing.

No pressure.

Drew Ginsburg Most Eligible Dallas

Drew may have some big shoes to fill, but the rest of his clothes are a whole lot smaller than they used to be. Unlike the rest of the Most Eligible Dallas cast, who all appear to have been born with perfect muscle tone, Drew hasn’t always been a hottie. In fact, just a few years ago, Drew was carrying around an extra 200 lbs!

For nine years, he’s been working to lose all that weight, and now he looks amazing. One of the big questions for him on the show is how comfortable he really is in his skin. And, from what we’ve seen so far, this show is all about skin. If Drew is still carrying around any of that emotional weight, we are likely to know all about it.

Drew Ginsburg Most Eligible Dallas

Bravo has only leaked us a smidge of plot associated with Drew (as if losing 200 pounds, having an unlimited supply of sports cars, and being the only gay man on the show weren’t enough!). It seems that he has an old boyfriend who will be making an appearance, at least by phone. Their relationship was long and deep, but now it is awkward and painful, but Drew isn’t interested in playing the field. Check out this promo for the show from Bravo and pay close attention about 40 seconds left for a few hints about Drew’s romantic dilemma:

Will Drew reconnect with his old flame or move on? Will he keep his manly composure or melt like a little girl (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Who knows? Looks like we’re going to have to watch what happens on August 15.

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