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Courtney Kerr from Bravo's reality series Most Eligible Dallas

Meet Courtney Kerr, one of six stars of Bravo’s new reality series Most Eligible Dallas. Courtney is a beautiful young Lonestar fashionista who spends her nights rubbing elbows with the Dallas elite, including dealing with her complicated relationships with two MED cast mates! (More on that in a minute) And when she’s not out on the town living her glamorous lifestyle, Courtney is hard a work… managing a Sunglass Hut? Ummmm, what?

Being manager of a Sunglass Hut may not seem quite up to the career bar set by the other Most Eligible Dallas cast members, whose gigs include lead singer in a band (Neill Skylar), Business executive (Matt Nordgren, Drew Ginsburg, and Tara Harper) and NFL football player (Glenn Pakulak). But, for Courtney Kerr, the gig is just a launching pad for her other aspirations, including fashion, jewelry, and sunglass design. The time behind the counter isn’t just about punching a clock and collecting a paycheck — its about educating her tastes and figuring out what sells and why.

And these dreams of hers aren’t all castles in the clouds either! Courtney already has an active collaboration with stylist and Jewelry artist Amber Venz, and is very well-connected in the Dallas fashion scene. But enough talk, let’s actually meet Courtney Kerr in a video clip courtesy of Bravo:

Besides working towards a behind the scenes career in design, Courtney aspires to another gig that’s way out in front. At least according to her twitter page, she’s interested in becoming a comedienne. I wasn’t able to find any footage of (or even reference to) Courtney trying her hand at comedy on stage, so maybe her sights aren’t set on stand-up per se. (Or, maybe, there’s some inside joke on her twitter page – which is set to private – that we’re just not getting.) You’d think this would be a part of her life that she’d want to showcase on Most Eligible Dallas while she has the Bravo platform to launch herself from. We’ll just have to stay tuned on that one.

Courtney’s official bio on the Bravo website calls her a “hopeless romantic,” who “faithfully believes in the fairytale ending and desires above all else to be a perfect wife and mother.” It also suggests that her feelings for Most Eligible Dallas co-star, Matt Nordgren, might be less platonic than she lets on. (The two can be seen together in the photo below) This complicates things in several interesting ways. First, Matt and Courtney are co-hosts of Matt’s philanthropic project, the Leadership Gala, as well as being self-professed best friends. If there’s something smoldering under the surface, then working together and confiding in each other as best friends will create lots of chances for romance to erupt.

Courtney Kerr and Matt Nordgren together Most Eligible DallasCourtney Kerr official Bravo photo

Secondly, Courtney’s not the only woman on the show with an “its complicated” relationship with Matt. Neill Skylar, another star of Most Eligible Dallas, just moved (back) to town, has a romantic history with Matt, and wants to hang out with the close knit group of friends that makes up the rest of the cast. Who will Matt talk to if his old feelings for Neill resurface? How will Courtney manage it? What will this mean for Neill’s chances to be accepted by Courtney and the gang?

Here’s a Bravo promo that gives us a glimpse at all six characters, but focuses mainly on the chemistry between Courtney and Matt (and their denial about it).

So . . . Courtney wants to put barbeque sauce all over Matt? Hmmm . . . I don’t know about y’all; but, that hardly seems like a denial of chemistry. And . . . that peek of Matt and Neill smooching? That’s not . . . um . . . what I do with my “just friends” friends. Looks like we’re in for some drama, but maybe not exactly what Bravo seems to be preparing us for. I guess we’ll find out August 15th!

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