VIDEO PHOTOS America’s Worst Tattoos returns to TLC as full series April 4

America's Worst Tattoos TLC Pillsbury Doughboy Luv da dough

Last June TLC tested the waters with a pseudo pilot titled America’s Worst Tattoos in which people with stinky ink told their regretful tat stories before heading in to see a professional tattoo removal/alteration artist in an attempt to revitalize the flesh real estate thought lost forever to cringe-worthy body art. It seems the pilot was a big success because the network is bringing it back as a full-fledged series starting April 4!

Above is a little preview clip of some of the “worst” tattoos we can expect to see, including the Pillsbury Doughboy (along with the words “LUV DA DOUGH” – above), a rather unfortunate interpretation of camel toes, the always-a-bad-idea Steve Buscemi tat, and… a Mr. Peanut nipple?!?

Mr. Peanut nipple tattoo America's Worst Tattoos

From the press release:

Kicking off the night at 9 PM ET/PT, AMERICA’S WORST TATTOOS will take a look at some of the most awful, hilarious, grammatically-incorrect and just plain weird tattoos the country has ever seen. Luckily, with the help of famous artists like Tim Pangburn, Jeremy Swan and NY INK’s Megan Massacre, AMERICA’S WORST TATTOOS will highlight the process of turning life’s biggest regret into a tattoo masterpiece. The show will also delve into the unfortunate tattoo’s backstory, the creative brainstorm of how to cover it up and, last but not least, the big reveal.

Steve Buscemi tattoo America's Worst Tattoos TLC

I absolutely loved the pilot episode — I think the combination of the inherent entertainment value of a terrible tattoo combined with the human interest story (that is often hilarious, and often involves some sort of intoxication) makes for some amazing television! Oh, and while watching the episode this summer I developed quite the crush on Megan Massacre, so I’m overjoyed to see she will be back!

And speaking of Megan Massacre being back, America’s Worst Tattoos will be the first half of a two-hour TLC tat block on Thursday nights as New York Ink will be returning for its third season just after!

From the press release:

Continuing at 10 PM ET/PT, TLC returns to SoHo’s Wooster Street Social Club (WSSC) to follow the life and work of iconic tattoo king Ami James and his team. Season two of NY INK left off with the booming success of Ami’s shop in SoHo—and the emergence of internal tensions within the WSSC crew. The saga continues in season three with stories and struggles as expressive as the tattoos themselves. Joining Ami, Tommy Montoya and Megan Massacre in this new season are a virtual melting pot of international tattoo artists: Brazilian Rodrigo “Hot Rod” Canteras, Argentine Lee Rodriguez, Aussie Mike Diamond, Japanese Yoji Harada and born-and-raised New Yorker Jes Leppard. The result is a living masterpiece that pulses with as much energy as the skin they ink—nothing you’d expect from the established personalities and everything you would from the City That Never Sleeps. Will the WSSC originals accept the newcomers—or will rivalries form?

And here are a couple more photos of what you WILL NOT be seeing created on NY Ink this season:

America's Worst tattoos camel toes

America's Worst Tattoos George W Bush

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