VIDEO My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns Jan 2 with a baby, wedding dress, surfing and missing Buddy?!

Whitney Thore wedding dress

Whitney Thore returns for a brand new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on January 2, and judging from the trailer it looks like her life is bigger, fatter and fabulouser than ever!

That’s a lot to take in! We have Whitney and her family traveling to Hawaii, Babs driving, Whitney surfing, lots of awkward girl-on-girl stretching, Whitney in a wedding dress (?!?!), more Whitney relationship problems, a new baby, and Buddy goes missing! How in the world are they going to pack ALL THAT into a single season? Well, for starters, they’re going to kick things off with bigger, fatter, fabulouser two-hour episode for the first three weeks!

Here is the full scoop on the oversized episodes and all the Whitney antics fans can expect to see this season from the network’s press release:

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 4

Big Breakdowns and Bad Breakups! Whitney Thore Returns For An All-New Season Of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Premiering At A New Time On Tuesday, January 2 At 8/7C

Season Four Kicks Off with Three Consecutive Weeks of Two-Hour Episodes; One Hour Episodes Resume Tuesday, January 23

(New York, NY) – Whitney Thore is busting a move to a new timeslot for the fourth season of TLC’s MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE, premiering Tuesday, January 2 at 8/7c with a supersized, two-hour episode. The series follows Whitney as she juggles her burgeoning career with the strenuous demands of her family and the dynamic relationships among her close friends, in addition to managing her personal struggle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which added 200 pounds to her petite frame several years ago.

Last season, viewers saw Whitney pursue her dance dreams and embark on a whirlwind tour as a backup dancer. Now, after being on the road for several weeks – away from her family, friends and secret love interest – Whitney is on the verge of an emotional breakdown and she is forced to make a tough life decision. Although she has dated in the past, she has never fallen so hard for a man until now. Unfortunately, this sweet romance quickly turns sour, and Whitney is blindsided by a heartbreaking turn of events from which she may never recover. In the midst of this devastating news, she must also manage her other close relationships, many of which are on of the verge of collapse.

Before joining the tour, Whitney temporarily handed Todd the reins to her beloved Big Girl Dance Class, but Todd seems to be letting this new position go to his head, which creates noticeable friction in their friendship. Meanwhile, Buddy’s and Heather’s relationship is facing its own challenges, and everyone is grappling with the fallout. Buddy soon finds himself in the hot seat with his friends, and they are shocked to learn that he has been harboring a big secret. With her own fertility in question, painful feelings emerge for Whitney as she helps Ashley prepare for childbirth. Then, with pressure from her dad, Whitney agrees to run a 5k race in Hawaii and enlists Glenn to help her train. As the race approaches, Whitney’s health and stamina comes into question, and making it to the finish line turns into an uphill battle. Can Whitney keep herself and everyone around her from imploding? Or will their emotions get the best of them?

On December 18, viewers can get a first look at the new season. To watch the early premiere of MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE before it’s on TV, download the TLC GO app or visit:

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