VIDEO ‘Mr. Green has arrived’ Gloria Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom claims Rachel Uchitel press conference canceled because of deal worth at least a million

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It’s still a mystery why the Rachel Uchitel press conference was canceled yesterday, but someone sort-of close to the situation claims it’s just an old-fashioned million dollar deal, a.k.a. a visit from “Mr. Green.” The daughter of Rachel Uchitel’s attorney, Gloria Allred, also happens to be a CBS News legal analyst, and this morning she gave her opinion about what her mom, Rachel Uchitel, and Tiger Woods were up to yesterday. Here’s what Lisa Bloom had to say this morning:

“We know that paparzzi cuaght Gloria Allred leaving Tiger Woods’ attorny offices on Monday night. That has to meant that they were engaging in negotiations. Paparazzi then caught her leaving Rachel Uchitel’s hotel on Wednesday night after midnight, and at seven A.M. the press conference was canceled.

I know how my mother operates, that had to mean that negotiations were going on . . . I have never, in all of my mother’s career of over 30 years, known her to cancel a press conference. That can only mean one thing As we say in the law “Mr. Green has arrived” There has to have been a confidential settlement. Tiger Woods’ camp of course would want confidentiality as to not only the amount of the settlement, but a promise from Rachel never to talk about her relationship with him. And I would estimate that would have to be a very signficant amount. I would estimate a least a $1 million, probably well in excess of $1 million dollars.”

It does make sense, and is in congruence with reports that Woods is trying to pay his wife Elin Nordegren $80 million to keep quiet and not divorce him just yet, but TMZ is telling a different tale. They claim that Rachel is scared because she knows too many secrets about all the other women Tiger has been with, and details about his failing marriage. She just wants to disappear, and is afraid for her safety, not from Tiger, but all the people she knows about. Maybe that’s partly true, but she’s gonna need some cash if she’s gonna hole up for a while, so maybe some sort of deal was worked out after all. Of course, if the deal was big and bad enough, we may never know what Rachel Uchitel knows.

It does seem odd that Rachel would be so scared, since the other women are practically oozing out of the woodwork for a shot at fame, most notably Jaimee Grubbs, and now Kalika Moquin.

Watch Lisa Bloom below:

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