VIDEO Little girl creates her own dance party on a subway platform

Subway Dancing

In the words of the Dixie Chicks, “Some days you gotta dance. Live it up when you get the chance!”

While waiting for the subway in Brooklyn, one little girl took that advice when she decided to groove along with the live music that was playing nearby. Unlike most adults who would resist the urge, this pint size gal decided to bust a move!

If that wasn’t darling enough, her happiness became so infectious that onlookers decided to join in. By the end of the song, the tiny dancer had a full audience!

So, who was playing the music and why were they playing in subway station? The musicians are actually a husband and wife duo known as Coyote and Crow. They make their living playing music around New York City.

Coyote and Crow

In just two days, the video has gone viral with close to 2,500,000 page views. You have to admit, it’s pretty darn cute.

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